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Hair Transplant: A Step By Ste

People of all ages teenage to elderly facing h

Does Hair Transplant Work?

When most people hear the word hair transplant, a specific image appears on their mind: fake attached hair, which is the result of cosmetic procedures. For many people, hair transp

How Do I Take Care Of My Donor

Although a hair transplant is a simple operation in the hands of the right surgeon, having a hair transplant is the right decision for everyone. After surgery, you need to know how

FAQ’s About Hair Transplant

Q. Who can go for a hair transplant? Ans: Hair transplant is the best solution for people who suffer from pattern baldness, Alopecia areata (circ

Diabetic? You Can Still Go For

Is diabetes holding you back from opting a hair transplant? Well, we have some good news for you. Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t automatically mean, that you aren’t elig

Hair Transplant vs Hair Replac

Healthy lustrous and shiny hair is just what everyone wants. Isn't it? It's a feel-good factor and an addon to an individual's self-esteem. But, when balding hits, it becomes a con