Face holds the maximum importance in a person’s aesthetic appearance, and eyebrows are like a finishing outline to the most attractive part of the face – the eyes. Every expression that you make is in fact incomplete without your eyebrows.

You might wonder how, but it is a fact.
Let’s see if you can relate to this.
What do you do when you’re surprised, scared, or happy?
‘Raise your eyebrows’

Now what if your eyebrow hair starts falling off. That’s exactly what we’re going to explain here. Eyebrow hair loss has become a rampant problem, with the rise in various health conditions such as thyroid & other hormonal imbalances, stress, and certain skin diseases. Eyebrow hair thinning or loss can make you feel you’ve lost a part of your beauty. So why not address it before it puts you into a zone of lowered self-esteem. An eyebrow transplant in Hyderabad at Cyber HairSure Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic can help you restore your beauty naturally.

So, before you think about making a choice, we have something you can scroll over and gather some knowledge about eyebrow transplant in Hyderabad. Read on.

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Understanding Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant is quite a challenge as compared to regular hair transplantation procedures for the scalp. It can be done by both FUE and FUT procedures. However, an FUE procedure is a better option as it does not involve any scalpel and most importantly, it does not leave a scar. An eyebrow hair transplant in Hyderabad at Cyber Hairsure is done under a local anesthesia and is a minimally invasive procedure. It also does not require any downtime for healing, and you can get back to your normal routine immediately after the eyebrow transplantation procedure.

How is an eyebrow hair transplant done?

An eyebrow hair transplant needs to be done very carefully and meticulously.

  • The first step is the designing of the eyebrow shape as per your liking, and the art of making it look natural.
  • Then comes the sedation, where some of the patients might take oral medicine after the anesthesia is given. This numbs the surgical site helping you relax and not feel any pain during the surgery.
  • The procedure can involve as many as 50 to 400 hair grafts being harvested and implanted in each eyebrow.
  • The hair grafts from the donor area are harvested and implanted into the recipient sites that have various angles and directions of growth.
  • The eyebrow hair transplantation procedure is considered to be complete after the desired best shape of eyebrow is achieved.
  • It takes about four hours based on the number of hair grafts that are implanted, to get the best possible shape and eyebrow transplant results.
  • The patient can leave once the eyebrow hair transplantation procedure is done, but will have a slight discomfort in the donor area in case of a strip method.
  • The recipient and donor sites in any case will have a little bit of redness and swelling immediately after the procedure, but gets back to normal within a week.
  • The transplanted hair will shed after 2-3 weeks and then grow like natural hair within four months to give you deep dark eyebrows.

Are you a good candidate for an eyebrow hair transplant?

You being a good candidate for an eyebrow hair transplant depends on the degree of eyebrow hair loss you have and the Reasons for Hair Loss. Let’s take a quick look at what causes eyebrow hair loss, and what could make you a good candidate for an eyebrow hair transplant.


  • Persistent plucking of the eyebrow hair
  • Ageing
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Hyper or hypothyroidism
  • Alopecia
  • Excess usage of eyebrow pencil
  • Facial burns or injuries

What determines your candidature for an eyebrow hair transplant?

Our hair transplant surgeons at Cyber Hairsure will recommend a complete or partial eyebrow hair transplant depending on the extent of your eyebrow hair loss. However, there are a few other factors which can make you a good candidate for an eyebrow transplantation. They are:

1. Age – While there’s no specific age for getting an eyebrow transplant surgery, age still plays a significant role. The best age for getting it done is 30 and above. Do you fit the criteria?

2. Type of hair loss – If you have female pattern baldness the you are a good candidate for an eyebrow restoration and hair transplant. It is a genetic condition that causes certain areas of the scalp to lose hair. However, it also leaves you with a good density of donor hair follicles from where hair grafts can be harvested.

3. General health – Your overall health plays a vital role while making a choice to get an eyebrow hair transplant done. Since it is a surgical procedure for eyebrow hair growth, it is important that you get your vitals checked before the surgery and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercising and a balanced diet are essential for faster and healthy healing.

4. Hair type – An interesting fact is that the results of an eyebrow transplant in Hyderabad also depend on the type of hair you have. Although any type of hair can be used, the thinker the hair follicle is, the better coverage it will give to the balding area.

Getting a detailed understanding on eyebrow hair transplant surgery is the best way to determine your candidacy. A proper consultation and close examination of your condition is what we would recommend for your benefit. All you need to do is give us a call or write to us, Book an Appointment and get a consultation with our eyebrow Hair Transplant Surgeons and get the right diagnosis and treatments. We assure you of great results!

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