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Q. Who can go for a hair transplant?
Ans: Hair transplant is the best solution for people who suffer from pattern baldness, Alopecia areata (circular bald patches), Telogen effluvium (hair fall due to stress), etc. It is most recommended to go for a hair transplant if you are an ideal candidate for transplantation as suggested by the doctor.

Q. Is Hair transplant a solution for hair thinning or hair loss?
Ans: Yes, Hair Transplantation is one of the effective solutions for your hair loss or thin hair. You can easily get thick and good looking hairline with hair transplantation procedures such as micro-grafting, slit grafting, punch grafting, and scalp reduction.

Q. Does hair transplantation give a natural look?
Ans: Yes, obviously, you will get a natural look after your hair transplantation. It is a long-term solution for your hair loss, and it does not require any extra maintenance also. After your hair transplantation, you can treat your hair like your natural hair. You can cut them, comb them, shave them and they will keep growing like before.

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Q. What is the right age for hair transplant?
Ans: The right age to consider hair transplant surgery would be when you are 30, 40 years and older to get maximum benefits. However, there might be some exceptions with some people depending on their pattern of baldness. So, some people who are close to 30 years, i.e. 28, 29 years can also go for hair transplant surgery. However, it’s better to consult your doctor in person and find out whether you are an ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Q. Does hair transplant have any side effects?
Ans: Well, hair transplant surgical procedure is a fairly easy procedure. There are only some minor complications that can occur after the procedure. They can be like bleeding, infection, itching, swelling of the scalp, temporary thinning of hair, etc. If you pick or scratch the scabs, they can cause infections and endanger the survival of the grafts. Usually, these minor complications can be cleared up within a few weeks.

Q. Is hair transplantation a safe and permanent solution for baldness?
Ans: Yes, hair transplant is a safe procedure as there are no complicated side effects and it is definitely the only permanent solution for baldness. We consider that hair transplantation as a permanent solution because in any surgical procedure whether it is FUT or FUE, hair grafts are taken from the sides or back of the head which is resistant to DHT hormone (the main cause of hair loss) and harvested in the baldness area.

Q. Can hair transplant be done for females?
Ans: Hair transplantation is one of the popular cosmetic procedures mostly undergone by men. However, these cosmetic procedures becoming trendy in females as well. Generally, the percentage of women is less for hair transplant surgery. However, women who suffer hair loss due to trauma, chemical burns, a distinct pattern of baldness which includes hairline recession, vertex thinning, etc. are now successfully treated in women.

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Q. Is any special care required after a hair transplant?
Ans: Although hair transplantation has a speedy recovery, there are a few things you need to care for a while. Post-transplantation care is very simple and easy. You need to follow the time to time medications prescribed by doctors to avoid infections, manage to swell, etc. It is most recommended that you should not consume alcohol for a week to 10 days post-procedure. Stay away from chlorine contaminated water. You should avoid the direct fall of sunlight in the transplant area for 14 days following your procedure.

Q. How much time does it really take to see the transplantation results?
Ans: As your head will be shaved for the procedure, you’ll probably see your normal hair growth only after a few months in the transplanted area. You’ll get to notice the results of your transplanted hair transplant post three months of your treatment procedure. The transplanted hair grafts fall off and regrow naturally and the results become very noticeable within six months and you’ll see full results at 12 months. So, within a year, you can expect a natural growing hair.

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