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Does Hair Transplant Work?

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When most people hear the word hair transplant, a specific image appears on their mind: fake attached hair, which is the result of cosmetic procedures. For many people, hair transplants can help restore hair which looks like full or at least fuller hair.

Hair transplant uses your hair from other parts of the body which have abundant hair, usually from the back of the head. Then follicular units from 1 to 4 individual hair are collected from this donor site and transplanted to thinning or bald areas recipient site. After the procedure, the fuller head of hair is visible in 10 months. Most men and women with male or female pattern bald heads are candidates for hair transplants.

The reality is that with current hair transplantation technology, you can give your hair a thicker and fill in receding hairline without having the wrong appearance. However, hair transplantation is not a miracle.

In this guide, we will explain how hair transplants work and how they can be used to refill your hairline and reverse the effects of baldness. If you are considering a hair transplant, the information below can help you make a more informed and safer decision about whether this procedure is the right choice for you.

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What Exactly Is A Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure in which hair is collected from certain parts of your scalp or body donor site and transplanted to bald sections of your scalp recipient site. In short, hair transplant means taking hair from an area of ​​your scalp that is not affected by baldness and moving it to a thin or bald area.

Hair transplants work because not all hair on your head is affected by DHT, the primary hormone that causes baldness. By moving DHT resistant hair from behind and side of your head to the front or bald area.

Hair transplantation is much more complicated nowadays. Surgeons can collect hair using the FUE or FUT method (which we explain below on the next page) and transplant it in groups of one to three hairs, creating a hairline that looks natural.

Aesthetically, hair transplants performed by experienced surgeons look and feel like natural hair, if you have enough donor’s hair.

How Do Hair Transplants Work?

During a hair transplant, a small piece of scalp with healthy hair follicles is removed from an area with lots of hair, usually behind the head. Scalp pieces are divided into individual hair or small groups of hair, including the sebaceous glands of the follicles (oily), nerves, small muscles and sometimes other finer hairs. They are grafted into thin or bald areas of the scalp.

The procedure:

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Both FUT and FUE are done in the clinic by a hair transplant surgery. General anaesthesia is usually not needed during hair transplantation, and this procedure is generally performed under local anaesthesia. In cases where extensive work is required, general anaesthesia is needed.

Using local anaesthesia (where only the area to be operated gets numbed) means that the risks associated with general anaesthesia are eliminated and the recovery time gets reduced. Recovery time varies depending on the type of process used.

FUT Follicular unit transplantation :

The surgeon cuts a thin strip of hair from the back of the scalp. Dissection of individual follicular units about 1 mm wide is then performed under a microscope. Each follicular unit consists of one to four hairs, oil glands, nerves, and small muscles from the donor area. The surgeon then makes a minimal incision in the recipient area (bald part) of the scalp and inserts the unit. Depending on how much donor hair grows on other scalps, up to 3000 grafts can be transplanted in the donor area.

FUE Follicular unit extraction:

FUE is a non-invasive procedure that uses a device punch to remove follicular units from the back and sides of the scalp without causing damage. The healing time is faster than with FUT.

Can Hair Transplantation Work?

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Hair transplantation is not a miraculous cure. It is a process that is entirely misunderstood because some people feel that new hair is fake or falls immediately after the procedure. Hair in the scalp donor area is genetically different from bald hair, so it does not shed the same way. If it is done correctly, people find that the results last a long time, at least until old age.

If a reputed surgeon performs surgery, the transplant will look completely natural. Hair growth is a cycle, so usually, the process is slow, even for those who don’t experience hair loss. Transplanted hair generally grows back in three to four months.
However, it can take up to 18 months for the final results to appear. However, in most patients, this can be achieved after 12 to 14 months. The hair root is being transplanted, not the hair. So, if you find that your hair starts to fall, this should not be a concern because hair roots will make new hair.

It is important to note that hair transplants are not for everyone. If you are under 25 years of age, surgery can be early, because your hair will continue receding or fall with age. If you experience advanced hair loss, the results of the transplant may not look like full hair. However, with the right candidates, this operation was very successful and changed the lives of many patients.

It is all about evaluating consultations and matching expectations to the state of your hair loss. To find out if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation, make an appointment with our experienced staff at Best Hair Transplant Clinic.

The Results Depends. On The Surgeon You Choose:

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Although this hair transplant provides patients with results that look natural, the results still depend significantly on the surgeon you choose. You need to select a doctor who understands the cause of hair loss and performs hair transplants regularly.
Doctors specialize in diseases that affect the skin, hair and nails. Because of this, they know a lot about hair loss. Many of them also do hair transplants and can tell you that you are the right candidate for hair transplants without any donor area.

Which surgeon should You Choose?

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It is the most important question! The internet is full of videos and articles like this, but at some point, you need to find someone you can trust to have the faith to complete the process with the right level of skill and care. Knowing where to start can be difficult, but an excellent place to begin your search is the internet, neighbourhood, friends, relatives, and visit the clinic. After narrowing your search, be sure to visit each clinic and get free advice from the surgeon in question. Look at the gallery of their work and see if you get feedback from patients. Choosing the well-experienced surgeon, the better the transplant, which reduces the risk of scarring and the need for revision transplant.


Hair transplant surgery can be the right choice for people with thinning and hair loss. This procedure may not be a permanent solution for thinning hair, but for many people, it can help restore full hair on scalp and self-confidence.

But all you need is patience!

The results will meet your expectations. But that’s what will happen between 10 and 12 months. At this point, follicular units take root and begin to grow as at the location of the original donor site. A few months later, you can look in the mirror and the proof for hair transplant will be your hair.Contact Best Hair Transplant Clinic at 040 49540202 / 8331020202 or contact by booking your appointment online when you are ready for modern transplant.

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