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Diabetic? You Can Still Go For A Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Procedures for Diabetic Patients at Best Hair Transplant, One of the best Hair Restoration Centres in Hyderabad

Is diabetes holding you back from opting a hair transplant? Well, we have some good news for you. Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t automatically mean, that you aren’t eligible for a hair transplant. But, there are a few requirements, which need to be met before the hair transplant procedure takes place for patients with diabetes, which ensures the hair transplant is carried out smoothly and also helps with a faster recovery process.  So, to make things easier, here’s an overview of hair transplant for diabetic patients.

Are You Eligible For A Hair Transplant?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. It gets worse over time. But it is also a lifestyle disorder; meaning that it can be controlled with diet and medicine. Hence, unless you have reached a very advanced stage of diabetes, you will probably be eligible for a hair transplant surgery.

Here are the types of diabetic patients who are eligible for a hair transplant:

  1. Diabetics with normal blood pressure, who can control their sugar levels with their diet, and without the aid of any medication.
  2. Diabetic patients who need to take basic medication to control their blood sugar levels.

If you have diabetes, then you can easily understand which category you would fall under. By knowing so, you will have clarity on whether it is safe for you to undergo a hair transplant, or not. This also decides on which precautionary steps should be taken to ensure you have a successful hair transplant.

Symptoms of Hair Loss In Diabetic Patient

Diabetic patients who aren’t eligible for a hair transplant:

  1. Diabetic patients who are dependent on insulin IDDM (Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus).
  2. Type 3/a diabetic patients who require insulin along with other prescribed medications which are used to control blood sugar levels.

There are many risks involved when patients with the above-mentioned type of diabetes want to opt for a hair transplant. Even though losing hair is a sensitive issue, it is not more valuable than the patients well being.

Special Concerns For Diabetic Patients Opting For Hair Transplant Surgery:

  • A hair transplant normally takes up to 6-8 hours and it sometimes can be exhausting for a few patients, and may also cause anxiety and nervousness due to anaesthesia.
  • A short hair transplant procedure can lead to an increase in cortisol, glucagon and hormone levels, which results in increasing sugar levels and a drop in producing insulin too.
  • An insulin dose before the procedure is taken by patients to ensure the blood sugar level doesn’t decrease. There is a possibility of the blood pressure to slightly increase in the span of 5-4 hours during the surgery.

Concerns For Diabetic Patients Opting For Hair Transplant Surgery

  • Diabetic patients take a longer time to heal, there are higher possibilities of them developing an infection.

All of the mentioned precautionary steps are very vital for diabetic patients to be aware of. These steps avoid any unnecessary complications from occurring during, or after the procedure. So, even though you might be conscious of losing hair, it isn’t really as important than your health.

Pre-surgery Tests For Diabetic Patients:

Depending on which type of diabetes the patient might have, the doctor then suggests the best option after examining to avoid any complications during, or after the procedure.

In order to perform any hair transplant for diabetic patients, these are the following requirements that have to be met:

  • Hormonal tests
  • Blood sugar levels need to be normal a day prior to the hair transplant and 7 days after the procedure as well.
  • If the FUE Method has opted then, the blood sugar levels are checked after 20 days post procedure.
  • Monitoring of blood sugar levels is required to ensure the patient’s blood sugar levels are normal prior to the procedure.

Pre-surgery Tests For Diabetic Patients

  • Insulin management ensures there isn’t any sudden drop in the insulin levels of a patient when the procedure is taking place. So, in order to do so, depending on the current monitoring of blood sugar levels, the insulin is applied when it’s required, this also helps avoid any complications.
  • Colugos injection is also be prepared just in case, the blood sugar levels are required to be stabilized during the procedure.

Your Health & Hair Go Hand In Hand:

It is highly imperative to discuss which option is suitable for you with the hair specialist before any decision is made. Discussing your options will secure your health, avoid any risks and ensure your recovery is fast and easy.  If you still have any questions regarding a hair transplant for diabetic patients, then feel free to Book an Appointment online, or walk into our clinic. Our Hair Specialists (trichologists) at Hair Sure will always suggest the best method for keeping your health and your hair in mind.

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