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Healthy lustrous and shiny hair is just what everyone wants. Isn’t it? It’s a feel-good factor and an addon to an individual’s self-esteem. But, when balding hits, it becomes a constant irresistible thought. All home hacks probably seem of no use. Ever thought what could the reason be? Well, that could be alopecia. A genetic condition that causes pattern balding in many middle-aged to older people. To treat this problem science has come up with advanced treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical. However, when it comes to an economical solution, although natural in growth, these treatments might not be affordable for many. Now, to cater to this economic issue, science has once again come up with an interesting offer for the masses. Hair Replacements. Hair replacements, also called wigs, have always been popular among people with extensive hair loss. Hair replacement systems require artificial hair to be attached to your scalp. Though hair replacement systems like wigs and toupees are losing their popularity due to the availability of more sophisticated techniques like  Hair Transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery involves the transplanting your natural donor hair onto your scalp, with the help of surgery. However, some people today still use the hair replacements systems.

One can argue that hair replacements system looks rather fancy and changes the way you look almost instantly. But it’s important to remember that they are only a temporary solution and comes with a  high maintenance routine with it if you want it to look good everytime you go out and not a bird’s nest on the top of your head. Yes, hair replacement systems require a lot of care and maintenance into it. So before you decide which hair loss solution to go for, Let’s look into the pros and cons of the Hair transplant vs Hair replacement.

Hair Replacement Systems:

Hair replacement systems commonly called wigs or just hair systems. It is a non-surgical method of hair replacement. In this method, a part of your scalp is shaved for allowing the attachment of the hair system with the help of special adhesive glues. The base of the hair replacement, which comes in contact with your scalp is made of lace or polyurethane material. The hair that is tied or injected or weaved into a mesh is usually made of synthetic hair or human hair.



  • It’s costs less than the hair transplant initially.
  • You get a thick hair on your head almost instantly.
  • Does not require you to use your donor’s hair.
  • You can choose any style and any colour or length of hair you wish for.


  • Requires a daily or monthly maintenance on a continuous basis.
  • Requires replacement of the hair system as the hair systems lose hair or colour over a period of time.
  • Give you an unnatural look.
  • Requires a visit to a speciality hair salon for maintenance.
  • Cannot cover the hair loss along the sideburns and the temples.
  • Limited physical activities depending on the quality of hair replacement and the quality of attachment.
  • The hair system that is most close to the natural look will cost more and high maintenance.
  • Feels discomforting at times and has a feeling of wearing a wig on your head.

Hair Transplant Surgery:

Hair transplant surgery is the new fad these days. Since hair transplant surgery gives you a more natural look, using your own natural hair, it has become a popular choice for the replacing your hair loss for the long term.

Hair transplant surgery is a surgical method that involves a qualified and experienced doctor and technicians to do the procedure. In this method, your hair follicles are taken from the donor area( the area resistant to hair fall having thick hair)  and transplanted into your bald area. It doesn’t give you immediate results but you will have a thick natural looking hair in a few months.

Hair Transplant Surgery


  • Gives you a natural feel and look since it’s your own natural hair.
  • Doesn’t require any special maintenance.
  • You can have the hairstyle you want, whenever you want.
  • No additional costs of investing in overtime maintenance or replacing your hair transplants, since the transplanted hair are permanent.
  • No fear of displacing your hair system when someone touches or pulls your hair.
  • No limited physical activities because of your hair transplant, it’s your natural hair you can resume your physical activities like never before.


  • Initial high costs required for the surgery but it’s one time and permanent.
  • It’s a surgical procedure that requires you to take an absence from work or normal physical activities for few days.
  • Results depend on the density of donor hair available for transplanting.
  • Has a recovery period of at least 7-10 days.
  • Have to wait for 3-4 months for the hair to grow.

If you are going through hair loss, and are looking for solutions to fix that problem. The above list of pros and cons of Hair transplant and Hair replacement will help you decide better. Although hair replacement seems to be a cheaper alternative to a Hair transplant surgery, it will put a hole in your pocket in the long run with constant maintenance and replacements. Also, you will have to worry about the restrictions of enjoying your social and public life, as per your needs.

With Hair transplant surgery, you will not a worry in your head once the surgery is done. With a minimum recovery period and the time is taken for resuming your natural hair growth, you can live a carefree life for the rest of your life. The transplanted hair needs the same routine care you use for your healthy hair since they are your natural hair!

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