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Expectations After A Hair Transplant Surgery

Reach your Expectations after hair transplant surgery at Best Hair Transplant, One of the best Clinics for Hair Restoration in Hyderabad

Losing some hair is quite a normal thing. Your bathroom floor, pillow and hairbrush are all proof. But how much is too much? 10% of your hair is said to be in the resting phase, which means they will fall and give way to new hair. This happens in a cycle so losing some hair shouldn’t worry you.

Hair Loss

But, losing clumps of hair can be quite scary. Hair loss is a condition which commonly affects most people all around the world. Androgenic Alopecia as it is scientifically termed, is a genetic disorder which involves the thinning of your hair and ultimately results in hair loss.

What Are Your Options?

Depending on hair products is a thing of the past. Even though these products might have a temporary solution, nothing works best compared to a hair transplant.

Most people opt for a hair transplant surgery in order to get back their hair which is lost due to this condition and also are satisfied with their results as well, however mainly because they got their expectations set right.

Hair Tranplant Procedure

If you have decided to go through a hair transplant procedure, firstly visit us at Cyber Hairsure Clinic where our trichologists and surgeons are renowned all over the city to be one of the best. And secondly, before getting the surgery done, set your expectations with consulting your surgeon. It is always natural to expect the best of results after a certain health procedure, but expecting something which might not happen will lead to disappointment.

So when it comes to the expectations after a hair transplant procedure, they are:

  • Firstly, your hair which is gone due to hair loss, is gone. The procedure of hair transplant relocates your natural hair, it does not produce hair again.
  • Your hairline and hair density before your hair loss will not return. You cannot expect to retain the hairline and also the same density of hair you had before, after the hair transplant procedure.
  • Most people do not even realise that they are suffering from alopecia. Hairfall has become so common these days, that it being a condition is something people do not know about. By the time you are diagnosed with the condition of hair loss or before you realise that your hair is thinning, you have already lost 70% of your hair density. So to cover that area through a transplant might take extra sessions and cannot be done in one transplant surgery.
  • All your hair on the head cannot be replaced. When the hair transplant surgery takes place, the transplanted hair is permanent. However, the already existing hair on your head will still be subject to hair loss and thinning.
  • You also need to understand that, even though the results of hair transplants are seen almost immediately, it is essential that you understand that even the transplanted hair takes time to grow. Hence patience is the key.
  • The diameter of each hair shaft also plays a significant role. If you originally had thicker hair, then it provides greater volume and also more coverage when compared to fine hair.
  • If you’ve always had curvy hair, it tends to create better hair coverage when compared to straight hair. This ultimately results in greater hair density.
  • The density of the donor area also plays a major role as a factor and also to set expectations right. The donor area is the source of the hair which is going to be utilised in hair transplantation procedure. Hence the greater the donor hair density which is the hair per square millimeter, there is more hair available for a future scope of hair procedures if required.

Result Of Hair Tranplant Surgery

All of these factors and expectations should be set straight before the hair transplant procedure hence it is important that you consult with a reputed surgeon or trichologist who can help you understand exactly what your hair will be like post the transplant surgery so that there is no confusion if the expectations you had is not what you get or if your expectations were not realistic.

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