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Why planning your hairline is an integral part of a hair transplant?

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Hair transplants require a great deal of research and consideration before they are undertaken. If you are researching hair transplants, it is essential to know the right clinic, the appropriate procedure, and post-operative care.

It is always advisable to plan your hairline before undergoing a hair transplant. Many people neglect this step when researching hair transplants, and probably it is one of the most significant parts of hair transplantation. So, our expert hair transplant surgeons at Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad want to share with you the importance of planning your hairline.

Why is a hairline significant?

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For most people thinking about having a hair transplant, the objective is usually to have a full head of healthy and natural-looking hairline again.

However, the results of the surgery are not always as expected. If you are considering restoring your hair, sometimes, you should consider the overall hair volume you want to get and consider what hairline would look the best on you and how natural it will appear.

Having a natural-looking hairline is a crucial aspect of hair transplant surgery. The point where your hair meets your face is the one that your friends and family will notice the most about your hair. In addition, you will also likely find yourself focusing on your hairline when you look at yourself in the mirror. When you notice the hairline receding, you can expect the same thing to happen in other areas of the scalp.

How do I plan my hairline?

At the Best Hair Transplant Clinic, our hair transplant surgeons are experts in the latest FUE hair transplant procedures. Expert surgeons from our team have the knowledge and experience needed to craft a natural-looking hairline. An important part of our consultation is setting realistic expectations of your post-operative look based on your current donor hair. Once your donor’s hair volume is evaluated, we will start planning your hairline and the rest of the procedure.

The patient may think that they need a high or too low hairline. But at Best Hairsure Hair Transplant Centre, we believe that a patient’s hairline should be designed based on the patient’s age and face shape.

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Our hairline consultant will ask you to choose your desired hairline before transplantation. The surgeon will then evaluate what they believe is the best hairline for you and sketch the possible hairline. 

When a person reaches puberty, their hairline recedes by approximately 2 cm. Therefore, it is recommended that a man in his 40s should avoid getting too low and round with his new hairline, as it looks unnatural. 

You may contact us for assistance to get your ideal hairline or if you want more information about our hair restoration services. We offer a top-class consultation to those who are interested in these hair transplant procedures. Call 040 49540202 / 8331020202 to book an appointment.

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