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What Is The Success Rate Of FUE Hair Transplantation?

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When it comes to hair transplantation, men are most concerned with its success rate. Hair transplants can make you look younger, boost your self-esteem, and increase your self-confidence. However, no one wants to put time, money, and effort into something that might not work? Fortunately, most men can have their hair restored to a fuller appearance with hair transplants. 

Various hair restoration and transplant procedures can effectively restore hair growth, such as Strip hair transplant, Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The success rate of hair transplantation is excellent, and the types of innovative techniques we use at Best Hair Transplant Clinic are advanced. 

Let us know more about the hair transplantation success rate provided by Best Hair Transplant Clinic. 

Hair transplant success rate:

As you might expect, the success rate of hair transplantation varies widely, and it depends on many factors, including the doctor’s experience and skill. 

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Our hair transplant surgeons at the Hairsure hair transplant clinic are experienced and highly skilled in performing all types of hair transplant procedures, including the latest and innovative sapphire hair transplants. 

A hair restoration strategy tailored to each patient’s specific needs is most likely to be successful when the doctor and patient work together to develop a plan.  

Many factors determine success rates, such as:

  • Surgical infrastructure is essential to perform a successful surgery.
  • The latest surgical equipment is used during surgery at the clinic.
  • The experience & skill of the surgeon doing the surgery
  • Contribution and support of the patient during and after hair transplant.
  • Patient overall health

Rarely, hair transplant failures are caused by some unavoidable conditions, and they are not related to any of the particular hair transplant procedures.

FUE hair transplantation success rate

FUE is a more labour-intensive procedure since each hair follicle unit from the donor site needs to be harvested before transplantation at the recipient site.

The results of clinical trials have shown that nearly 85%-95% of transplanted grafts can grow in the area transplanted. According to this high success rate, FUE hair transplantation is often very successful.

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Patients who choose FUE can achieve positive outcomes in manual or automated procedures. The automated procedure is done using the latest equipment available to surgeons. Ultimately, FUE transplantation success is determined by the percentage of hairs that are transplanted successfully. 

An FUE hair transplant must be 100% successful if a sufficient volume of hair follicular units are being transplanted to ensure enough coverage. Therefore, it is not as good as the FUT technique in terms of yield. The FUE procedure and other available hair transplant options are performed by experienced, skilled, and qualified hair transplant surgeons.

To be more precise, the success rate depends on the skills of the surgeon + clinical facilities + technology used + patient efforts during the recovery after the procedure = a successful hair transplant.

A hair transplant is not as difficult as other more complicated surgical interventions. However, despite this, various factors play a role in determining whether a hair transplant is successful. 

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