Top 5 Major Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenagers in Summer

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Sun, waves and warm weather – the summer months are indeed a delight. Unfortunately, summer fun also comes with hair damage, as the sun, chlorine, and seawater affect the hair. The result of this damage is dry, brittle hair that breaks easily. This is why you may have noticed that your hair falls out a lot during the summer. To prevent this, you need to understand exactly why you lose hair during the summer. Here are five things that can cause your hair to fall out during warm months.

Why do the follicles stay inactive for longer in the summer?

The first reason is sun exposure, which makes your body produce less melatonin, affecting your scalp’s hormone levels. This effectively signals the hair follicles to go through their natural fall phase longer than usual. Another major factor is the effect of testosterone, which is usually higher in the spring and fall. Although testosterone is often thought of as a male hormone, it is found in both men and women and is known to cause hair loss in summer. Hence, we will all experience some hair loss, which can easily be mistaken for other types of hair loss, such as alopecia areata or telogen effluvium.

Top 5 Major Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenagers in Summer

The sun

We tend to burn our heads in the hot summer sun – the main reason for summer hair loss. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can have a lot of effect on your hair, drawing in a bit of moisture and making your mane dull, dry and discoloured. Also, dry hair breaks more efficiently, which makes it easy to break. To prevent this from happening, you can protect your hair with a large hat or heat shield.


Too often in the summer, our hair is exposed to pool chemicals like chlorine, which can damage your hair. This is because chlorine contains chemical properties that dry out the hair shaft and remove sebum, making it dull, brittle, rough, and easy to break. To prevent this from happening, you need to rub a little olive oil or coconut oil on your hair to cover and moisturize it.


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Hot weather is known to exacerbate dandruff, as higher temperatures are ideal for the dandruff-causing microbes Malassezia globosa to grow. If left untreated, dandruff can lead to itching and inflammation of the scalp, leading to temporary hair loss. To avoid this, it is essential to use an anti-dandruff shampoo during the summer.

Wet brushing

Our hair comes into contact with water more than usual in summer because we are in the pool or at sea or shower more often. If your locks are thick with water, it is best to avoid tying or brushing them as your hair is more prone to breaking when wet. It is best to run your fingers through your hair to part it. Also, buy a good shampoo formulated with active ingredients to strengthen your roots and reduce additional hair loss.

Air conditioning

The air conditioner is probably your hair’s biggest enemy. And unfortunately, we tend to use them more often in the summer. The air conditioner pulls moisture from your keys and lets them dry, causing them to come loose. To avoid this, you can try using a no-rinse conditioner or applying a moisturizing hair mask around your hair about once a week.


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