A popular option of medication for men in hair restoration is a medicine called Propecia (finasteride). Increasingly, male pattern hair loss sufferers have been choosing hair transplant surgery to restore their lost hair. Hair transplant surgery is permanent and allows most patients to achieve the desired density. The hair restoration for men involves a surgical grafting of the hairline and taking hair from donor areas which have stronger hair follicles. It is then transplanted to areas where the follicles are weak.


For search and selection of necessary staff, a variety of means from the arsenal of psychological science is used : biographical questionnaires, standardized and non-standartized interviews, jobs, modelling work and situational exercises, tests on achievement, personality, intelligence and abilities, polygraphic examinations and much more.

The second major obstacle to the use of modern psychological diagnostics in practice of professional selection is the low level of psychological training of managers of contracting authorities and, alas the candidates who wish to obtain working space without making much effort. So professional psychologists are not enough to manage a professional psychological selection of personnel and solving other problems at the company related to the estimation of the personnel. Also well-established psychological assessment tools that meet all necessary requirements are required.

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