Top 10 Facts You Should Know About Beard Hair Transplant

Top 10 facts about beard hair transplant by Dr Ravi Chander Rao, One of the best Hair Transplant Surgery Specialists in Hyderabad

Beard hair transplants are becoming popular today as it can help you look manlier. This immense craze is because men with bald or patchy beards are ready to spend thousands of dollars to achieve their desired looks. Thanks to medical science and advanced hair transplant technology, you can now get hairs transplanted on our face and get the fuller looking beard.

Ill patterned or patchy beards will have a significant impact on your personality and social behavior. They will make you lose confidence and self-image. Hair transplantation clinics today have flourished everywhere and helped people regain their lost confidence and self-image.

Are you a victim of patchy beards, and opting a beard hair transplantation surgery? Then there are certain things you should know before deciding on the procedure.

Keeping this in view, our beard transplant surgeons at BHT, Hyderabad drafted an article on beard hair transplantation facts.

Beard Hair Transplantation Facts

Before implanting the hair to any part of your body, you should have thorough knowledge about the procedure. Because being informed makes you feel confident. Are you planning for beard hair transplantation? Then, here are the top facts you should know about beard hair transplantation surgery.

1. Beard Hair Transplant Is A Type Of Facial Hair Transplant:

Facial hair transplants are mostly confused with beard hair transplantation. It is only a type of facial hair transplantation. Many people prefer beard transplantation to cover their scars resulting from acne or sideburns. Facial hair transplantation procedures include eyebrow hair transplantation, mustache hair transplantation, and others.

2. There Is No Limitation For Shape and Size:

There is no limitation on the size and shape of hair to be implanted. No restriction implies you can get the beard you are dreaming. You can have any number of hairs embedded on your face irrespective of the size and shape of the hair.

3. Beard Transplantation Is Done Using Scalp Hair:

Earlier, beard transplants performed using donor’s hair, but now you can be your donor. Your scalp hair used for beard transplantation, both for Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The beard transplant surgeons make sure that the areas are concealed quickly without any trouble.

4. The Number Of Hair Differs From Site To Site:

The number of grafts needed varies from site to site depending upon the cause of baldness. The average number of grafts used for beard hair transplantation are as follows:

1. Mustache 350-500 grafts

2. Full goatee 600-700 grafts

3. Cheek beard 300-700 grafts

4. Sideburns 200-250 grafts

5. Maximum Time The Procedure Takes:

Typically, the beard transplantation takes 4 hours. However, the duration of the hair transplantation procedure varies from person to person depending upon the number of grafts to implant. In some instances, this procedure may also fail. In such cases, your surgeon may recommend the second session.

6. Hair Will Fall Out After 2 Weeks:

It is quite common that your hair will fall out after two weeks following the procedure. You need not worry about this because it is due to shock loss. After two weeks you can have a new beard hair in another three months. Shock loss is different from hair shedding. If your hair doesn’t grow within three months, consult your beard transplant surgeon immediately.

7. Minimal Risk Involved:

Like any surgery, beard transplantation involves certain risks. These risks include bruising, swelling, and redness in the area. You will also have minimal pain, which fades away in two to three days.

8. Permanent Results:

The results of beard transplantation surgery are long-lasting. The roots are permanent and will continue to grow and look like anyone else. You can shave and style your beard like that of any other normal persons. The hairs will grow within the time frame set by your doctor.

9. Beard Transplants Are Expensive:

Beard transplants are expensive because they are performed rarely. Never judge a procedure by its cost, because it can give you a permanent and natural-looking beard which can make you appear manlier.

10. Beard Transplant Results Can Boost Your Confidence:

The results of beard transplants are accurate and positive when performed by experienced and skilled beard transplantation surgeon. It can help them hide their scars and aren’t for only the goatee zone.


Beard transplantation hardly results in complications. However, as an aesthetic procedure, they may prove dissatisfied. It would be wise to hold complete knowledge of how the process works. Surprisingly, the best thing is the results are permanent and natural-looking.

Beard transplants have an immense craze. Professional beard and hair transplant facilities abound, and technology helps you with the exact results you desire to have. Even better, you can also choose your desirous beard. Consult the BHT Hyderabad’s best beard hair transplant surgeon and shine on the rest of your life.

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