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Beard Transplant: Is it Growin

Are you are beard hipster? A coveted symbol of male virility? Here we explain the “growing” trend of beard transplants. Whether working in the construction industry or

Beard Transplant Can Give You

Are you planning for beard transplantation, and want to know how it looks? How do you decide which solution gives you the natural look? You want a beard transplant, but you d

Top 10 Facts You Should Know A

Beard hair transplants are becoming popular today as it can help you look manlier. This immense craze is because men with bald or patchy beards are ready to spend thousands of doll

11 Things You Need To Know Abo

The first thing you think of when you hear the word hair transplant is surgical hair restoration on the scalp. While Read More >>

Beard Transplant Cost in Hyder

A popular saying “I would embrace death before shaving” concedes the importance of a beard in a man’s life. Since ages it has been a hot topic for discussion among men. There

Five Essentials Things To Know

Gone are the days when being cleanly shaven was like sporting the good-boy look. Beards and stubbles have roared back into fashion now and have redefined masculinity. That’s one