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Hair Transplant vs Hair Replac

Healthy lustrous and shiny hair is just what everyone wants. Isn't it? It's a feel-good factor and an addon to an individual's self-esteem. But, when balding hits, it becomes a con

Expectations After A Hair Tran

Losing some hair is quite a normal thing. Your bathroom floor, pillow and hairbrush are all proof. But how much is too much? 10% of your hair is said to be in the resting phase, wh

How Getting A Hair Transplant

Most or all people take their hair for granted just like their health up until the moment, the hair fall begins and eventually, losing hair becomes a condition which they are not a

Things To Know Before Getting

Are you a victim of hair loss? Many of us are to some extent. Loss of hair as such is seen almost on a everyday basis when you either take a shower or while getting from bed. We of

How to Choose Right Surgeon fo

Losing hair can be a nightmare. The moment you start losing hair, you begin to look for options that can reverse the damage. One such option is hair transplant. Even though it’s