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How to Choose Right Surgeon for Hair Transplant Surgery

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Losing hair can be a nightmare. The moment you start losing hair, you begin to look for options that can reverse the damage. One such option is hair transplant. Even though it’s becoming a common procedure these days, yet, it has to be performed by expert hands to ensure that the results are what you desire and not a disaster.  If you have hair loss, you have to first understand whether a hair transplant is the right solution for you. How do you do that? Obviously, by booking an appointment with a hair transplant surgeon. Your trichologist will assess your particular case, and will be able to advise you on what to do.

Hair Transplant As An Option:

Hair transplant is a form of surgery which has no specific age group for it. Transplants are done in almost all types of people, from various age groups. But in India, it is generally the men who start getting bald patches. This is medically called male pattern baldness. In the twenties, initially the hair gets scanty and in severe cases the bald patches slowly become visible. As time passes by, the patches become wider and by the time the person reaches his forties; there are deep patches of baldness and it calls for a hair transplant surgery.   Hence, it is towards the forties, when most men go for a hair transplant surgery. If, hair transplant is not done at the right time or done at a time where the baldness is not deep, it might cause damage to the surrounding hair. Eventually the surrounding hair gets progressively lost and gets damaged beyond repair. This is how one of our patients looks before and after he went for a hair transplant.

Results After Hair Transplant Surgery


Now, technology has advanced to a great extent, making hair transplant surgeries a lot smoother and effective. But then, is it only technology that ensures a well-done hair transplant? No. In fact, it only assists. The main job is largely dependent on how good your surgeon is.  This helps you understand that choosing the right surgeon is critical if you are looking at hair transplant as an option. Therefore, choose wisely.

How do you do that?

Choosing the Right Surgeon:  If a hair transplant surgery is done correctly, not even the most experienced hair stylist will figure out that the hair has been transplanted. But, if a surgery is not done correctly; the hair might look like a wig. So, what are the factors that help you determine if the surgeon is the right one?

Qualities of a Surgeon: The following are the qualities:
  • The surgeon should have a holistic approach towards hair transplant. It is necessary that a surgeon does give options of both surgical and non-surgical procedures.
  • It is important for a hair clinic not to be commercial. Some clinics do not render the best facilities. But, there is an aura of consumerism and advertisements, which often do not live up to the quality assured.
  • The hair transplant surgeon must have the ability to explain about the technicalities of the process of hair transplant. It is not just about explaining about the pricing which will make a good hair transplant surgeon.

Patients at Cyber Hairsure reap the benefits of skilled surgeons. Here is one of the patients who was thrilled after his procedure was completed.

Before And After Hair Transplant Surgery


Here are a few other points that will help you:
  • It is very important to do a significant amount of research about the hair clinic. There are possibilities that the doctor might be a semi-qualified.
  • A good hair transplant surgeon is not someone who comes at a cheap price. A good transplant surgeon is someone, who is expensive for the experience and the acumen that he carries. Hence, it is advisable to not get carried away by lucrative offers that may lead to long term problems and the doctor and the technology used are unsophisticated.
  • A good surgeon is the one who will thoroughly examine the hair and he will provide a reason for the baldness. If there are any possibilities of any non-surgical methods to replace the baldness, it will be mentioned. But, if there are no other options, other than hair transplant surgery, he will explain about why a transplant. The hallmark of a good doctor is that he never jumps to a conclusion or any other from of a treatment, without a detailed explanation.
  • It is important on the part of the patient, to take a testimonial so that he knows about where he is getting into. Good reviews from previous patients are of immense help and utility.

Having a good surgeon is very important for a good hair transplant surgery and to get a good hair transplant surgery is the ultimate goal for any patient. A good hair transplant surgeon is like a artist, who knows about how to beautify the canvas using aesthetics. Like, for a painter the colors are his object to put on the canvas; for a hair transplant surgeon his experience and quality of products are his tools to give a good hair transplant surgery. Here at Cyber Hairsure we provide the best hair transplant surgery with the most credible hair transplant surgeons who are skilled and have a panache for good hair.

About The Clinic:

Cyber HairSure is one of the leading Hair Transplant clinic in Hyderabad and we have the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad practising at Cyber HairSure. Trichologists at the Cyber HairSure clinic are experts in hair transplantation and PRP Treatment etc. Two of our leading doctors are known to be the best trichologists in Hyderabad.

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