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A popular saying “I would embrace death before shaving” concedes the importance of a beard in a man’s life. Since ages it has been a hot topic for discussion among men. There have been many changes in styling the beard but has never gone out of fashion.

Can you imagine men without beards and moustache anywhere in the world? No, not at all! However, some men suffer from thin beards, which kill their desire of having a healthy and thick beard. In such cases, they suffer from a low self-esteem.

Are you afraid of your looks because of the thin density of beard? Then take a flight to Hyderabad for the perfect beard. Beard hair transplantation in Hyderabad is a single proven procedure which can help men improve their looks and attain a masculine figure.

Beard Transplantation – What Is It?

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Beard transplantation procedure is reserved for men suffering from the spotty or patchy loss of hair from goatee, sideburns, or moustache. It helps to restore the thickness of beard irrespective of the cause of decreased density of beards. However, the most common reasons for the thin beard are trauma scars and burns, hereditary absence of hair, scarring Alopecia, folliculitis, aging, auto-immune diseases, and hormonal imbalances.

In this procedure, hair is removed from the donor area (back or side of the scalp, chest area) and is implanted into the chin area to attain a fuller and thicker beard. The principles of beard transplants are the same as that of hair transplants and mostly performed on patients with sparse facial hair, patchiness within the facial hair, and facial scars & burns.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Beard Transplants Done in Hyderabad?

Beard transplantation is a highly sophisticated procedure requiring artistic skills for achieving the best procedural outcomes. Beard transplantation cost is the primary factor influencing the decision making power of the candidate. However, it should not be the sole factor, because it varies by the state, city, and country.

Beard transplantation cost in Hyderabad varies from person to person depending on the geographic location of the clinic, the technology used, the skill of the surgeon, facility concerns, and other deciding factors. To know the average of beard transplantation, visit our clinic.

Factors Determining the Cost of Beard Transplants in Hyderabad:

Valuable things don’t come cheap, and the cost depends on where you have it and how much. Apart from these, the beard transplant cost can get influenced by a few other factors, which include:

No of Grafts: The cost of beard transplants depends on the number of grafts required. The total number of grafts multiplied with cost per graft helps you to determine the exact value of beard transplants. However, the number of grafts needed varies from patient to patient depending on the size of the area, and density of hair. Also, the price per graft varies from clinic to clinic. To get the final quote and number of grafts needed to cover the area treated, visit a beard transplant surgeon in Hyderabad.

Skill and Experience of the Surgeon: As an artistic work, beard transplant surgery requires skilled and experienced surgeons. To achieve the expected outcomes, the angles of hair must be adequately understood, which cannot be done by everyone. That is why the success rates of the beard transplant procedure largely depend on the skill and experience of the surgeon performing it. Getting beard surgery done from the best hair transplant surgeons in Hyderabad cost you more.

Geographical Location of Clinic: The geographic location of the clinic also plays a crucial role in determining the cost because the charge per graft varies from clinic to clinic. The hair clinics residing in the area with a higher standard of living charge more when compared to clinics in areas with a lower standard of living. Take your time and evaluate the clinic thoroughly before choosing it. Also, check the reviews of previous patients and look at their before and after gallery.

Techniques Used: The two major methods used for beard transplantation are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). In FUE procedure, the hair follicles are grafted individually without leaving scars, whereas, in FUT procedure, a strip of tissues are extracted and grafted through microscopic dissection process. FUE is the most preferred procedure and costs more than FUT.

Technology: Technology used by the surgeon during the beard transplant procedure also influences the cost. Clinics that invest in the equipment to make beard transplant procedure as comfortable as possible can provide you with the best procedural outcomes. They are likely to charge more when compared to other clinics.

Affordable Beard Transplantation in Hyderabad
Best Hair Transplant Hyderabad Clinic is a renowned destination for hair transplant surgery in Hyderabad, India. Beard Transplant cost at Best Hair Transplant Hyderabad Clinic is much less and affordable compared to our competitors. Low price doesn’t mean low quality, because we follow a 100% natural process to obtain the desired results.

We are one of the leading names for Hair Transplantation Surgery in Hyderabad. We are popular today because of our well qualified and internationally trained surgeons. They look into each case and treat the patients accordingly. They follow a predetermined set of standards and always strive to achieve good results.

Why Choose Best Hair Transplant Clinic For Beard Hair Restoration in Hyderabad?

  • To rebuild or refine your beard and moustache
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If you are considering beard transplantation surgery, always plan the procedure. Make sure that you find a skilled and qualified hair transplant surgeon who can provide you with the desired results. Every clinic assures with you best Hair Transplant Surgeons and expertise, but you need to check before you choose the Hair Transplant clinic in Hyderabad.

Best Hair Transplant Hyderabad Clinic is the one place where you can feel confident about your beard transplant surgery. Our hair transplant specialists are capable of handling all kinds of hair transplant and have performed numerous beard transplant procedures in Hyderabad. To get the beard transplant surgery, contact our team today.

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