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Five Essentials Things To Know Before A Beard Transplant Procedure

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Gone are the days when being cleanly shaven was like sporting the good-boy look. Beards and stubbles have roared back into fashion now and have redefined masculinity. That’s one of the biggest reasons why the lack of facial hair in men is becoming a cause for concern.

Beard Or The Lack Of It

Beard has always been a prominent symbol for men to carry around, and in modern times, its become more of a sign of masculinity and prominence. While beards are a common sight among men, many are unfortunate enough to have problems with beard hair.

These problems range from losing beard hair in patches or a lack of hair growth in the area after possibly an injury or a medical condition/treatment. For them, the best possible solution comes in the way of a beard transplant procedure, which unlike a few years back, is easily accessible and very much falls under the affordable range.

With And Without Beard

Beard Transplantation And Its Significance

Beard transplant over time has gained its rightful position among cosmetic procedures designed for men. The fact that men have begun to take grooming seriously is what has led to the growing significance of this procedure.

There has been a particular demand and acceptance of the procedure, which may not have been that big say, ten years ago. Today it’s a different scenario altogether, with many cosmetic procedures for both men and women readily accepted and opted, beard transplant has become one of the top methods chosen by men to transform their beard problem.

Full Beard

How Beard Transplantation Comes Into The Picture?

Beard transplant is no different from a hair transplant procedure. This is designed with the idea of being able to provide people with a full, thick beard that might not have been possible due to natural circumstances. Beard transplant helps restore hair in places of the beard area that might have incurred losses in patches or due to some condition (medical or a physical injury). This is an aesthetically pleasing procedure, and not just restricted to the beard area of the face but also for problems to grow moustaches or sideburns.

So, to understand the idea of a beard transplant better, we have detailed a few essential points to consider before opting for the procedure.

Results of Beard Transplant

The results have been overwhelming. Men are especially happy because the procedure does not make the beard any artificial or fake looking by any means. After the process, men have had full beards (depending on the density and number of grafts required), but on the whole, this has been able to solve their problems with inconsistent, empty patches or any issues that have led them to lose beard hair.

Results Of Beard Transplant

How Will The Hair Growth Be?

As is the case with a standard hair transplant procedure, beard transplant also uses hair from a donor area, which could well be from your scalp. Now, this does not mean the implanted hair on the beard area will grow like on your scalp.  It will instead grow like normal facial hair, with the same texture and characteristics. Surgeons will also work towards ensuring the transplanted hair resembles in colour to that of your natural beard hair.

Will There Be Any Side Effects?

People often worry there could be possible side effects of a procedure like a hair transplant or beard transplant. Apart from one missing a single day of work and carry around mild amounts of pain and a little swelling in the treated area, there are no other side effects known after a beard transplant procedure.  The only other drawback is the waiting period to achieve full results of the method, as this might take plenty of time.

Downtime: When Can You Expect Full Recovery?

It takes about 3-5 months or even more in many cases to achieve the full results of the beard transplant procedure. As part of the recovery period, patients need not do anything special, because there are no visible side effects felt after the process. On the other hand, people will notice a fall out of the transplanted hair, but there is nothing to worry about as this is perfectly reasonable, same as in the standard hair transplant procedure. This is because the new hair must fall out before achieving its final effects, so don’t be alarmed if such a thing happens.

Will You Have A Permanent Beard?

Absolutely! Beard transplant are procedures that offer a permanent solution to beard hair growth problems. The patches filled with the grafts as well as the thickness achieved due to the system will be a permanent fixture of your face. This won’t be affected when the patient shaves or trims their beard after they have achieved full results of the procedure.

Beard transplant is a revered procedure, considering how much men have grown to value their beard, especially in modern times. Having a beard makes one stand out from the rest, but having one with patches of empty spots on the face might not be as attractive looking. Although shaving the entire beard off is always a solution, but it also means losing confidence in sporting a beard ever again. Beard transplant is opted and happily accepted by many happy customers who have had their natural bearded look back.


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