Reasons For Hair Fall In Summer

Reasons For Hair Fall In Summer

Some of us experience hair loss in the summer. What is the reason? Let’s take a look at some of the factors that cause sudden hair loss. Well, most of us prepare to protect our skin with sunscreen and eyes with sunglasses in the summer, but we tend to forget that even hair needs protection from bad weather.

In general, hair loss can be caused by many factors such as genetic factors, disease, environmental factors and also a person’s lifestyle. But in summer, the reasons are a little different. When the heat is too high, and there is not enough nourishment, hair loss can worsen.

Another theory is that hair loss can be caused by excessive sweating during the summer. When the scalp sweats, the hair becomes weak and can fall out.

Let us see this article provided by Cyber Hairsure Clinic gives information about Reasons For Hair Fall In Summer.

Reasons For Hair Fall In Summer

Sweat: How does sweat cause hair loss?

  1. Studies show that lactic acid in sweat, when mixed with keratin in hair, causes hair breakage and loss. This is one reason that hair loss can occur when sweating or shortly after that. 
  2. On the other hand, the sweat glands secrete sweat, which mixes with the bacteria that builds upon the scalp and causes a yeast infection. According to many researchers, this unhealthy condition causes hair loss.
  3. There is another reason why sweat can lead to hair loss. When we sweat through the sweat glands on the scalp, the hair strands become dehydrated. This could be another reason why sweating is associated with hair loss. 
  4. Sweat mixed with dandruff on the scalp causes clogged pores and makes hair follicles inactive. It can also cause a large proportion of hair loss.


If you are one of those looking to spend their hot summer days at the pool, this is it. Chlorine in water can be your hair’s enemy. Try washing your hair before and after entering the pool.


The first and main reason for summer hair loss is the scorching sun. Yes, excess heat will damage your skin and hair. Hair becomes too dry. How to prevent this type of hair loss? Wear a hat, scarf, or at least an umbrella to protect your hair.


Use a hairdryer during other seasons of the year, but not in summer. They usually make your hair weak.

Chemical material

Most of the chemicals used in styling gels can make hair weak. It is better to use it less often in the summer. Simultaneous exposure to sunlight and chemicals from this product will stress your hair out.

Nutrition deficiency:

Make sure you are not deficient in iron or protein in the summer. Your hair is less likely to fall out if it’s not nourished in the summer.


Research shows that we tend to experience more stress during the summer for several reasons, including bad weather conditions. This stress indirectly contributes to hair loss in summer.


If a particular hairstyle involves pulling tight hair or brushing it roughly, avoid doing it in the summer. Your hair will suffer when it is pulled in the summer.


Hopefully, this article helps you understand how excessive sweating and hair loss are related. Follow hair care tips to prevent hair loss due to sweating and summer. 

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