Prevent Hair Loss This Summer With These Ultimate Tips

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You are running in the sun, swimming in a pool and maybe even diving into the sea. These are all your favourite summer activities. But all UV rays, chlorine, salt, and – yes, sweat – can cause hair loss.

A study showed that maximum hair loss occurs in summer. Hair insulates our head, and such intensive insulation is not needed in the summer. So the body drops some hair to keep our heads cool. And also It consists of 10 to 15% water, and some of this moisture evaporates on hot summer days making hair dry. This excess dryness causes dandruff too. The sun’s heat also damages the protective protein in your hair, which can make your hair brittle and dull. Extreme heat can even damage hair follicles and cause frizzy hair. If you are a person who likes to be in water like the sea (salt water) and pond (chlorine) will make your hair look dry and dead.

This summer’s problems can also be challenging to solve. So what can you do to protect your hair from the summer heat and keep it healthy forever? Let’s see in this article provided by a Hair Specialist in Hyderabad, from Cyber Hairsure Clinic.

Why do you have to protect your hair from the sun?

Surprising sun protection hair tips by Dr Ravi Chander Rao, One of the best Hair Transplant surgeons in Hyderabad

Your hair can be damaged in various ways in the summer: excessive exposure to harmful sunlight, sweat, sea salt, and chlorinated pool water. That is why:

  • You can have healthy hair for most of the year, but in summer, your hair can become limp and lifeless. This happens because the sun drains a straw on your hair and increased humidity causes hair to fall out.
  • Sweat and dust exacerbate hair problems such as dandruff and split ends. The worst scenario is hair loss.
  • Summer can also be harsh on your scalp, causing dryness and sunburn. Some people believe that hair protects the scalp, but it isn’t. Finally, dry scalp can damage hair roots.

Basic hair care tips in Summer:

Cover your hair:

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Use a wide-brimmed hat or scarf, or at least wear an umbrella when outdoors If you are in direct sunlight all day. This extra function protects your scalp from sun damage. Choose a hat that doesn’t let in sunlight. It is best to avoid materials that can cause static contact with hair. This sunblock protects your hair from harmful UVA / UVA rays directly.

Prevent frizz with Oil massage:

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Does moisture make your hair frizz? You are certainly not alone. Frizz occurs when water vapour from the air penetrates dry and damaged hair causing it to curl. Therefore, it is essential to keep hair strong and hydrated so that it does not tangle.

Take care of your hair often with a good moisturizing conditioner to thicken growth. Cover the summer air humidity with natural hair oils such as argan oil or coconut oil. This oil is a moisturizer, so it retains moisture in the hair and seals additional moisture.

Protection of hair from sun and heat tools
We all faced straw-like tresses that came with sun-stressed hair. Moisture from a good mask for deep conditioning can help straighten hair strands and reduce frizz. But you also need to take steps to protect your hair from sun damage. Studies on UV damage and hair care show that UVB rays are responsible for the loss of protein in the hair (i.e. damage to the keratin in the hair strands). On the other hand, UVA rays are responsible for discolouration of hair.

Chemically treated people have a higher risk of sun damage. Dryers, curls, irons straighter dry the hair and make split ends curly. Adding to that sun damage also exacerbates this. Therefore, choose a more natural look to protect your hair from unnecessary heat. If possible, avoid hairdressers and thermal hair dryers (or at least shorten the drying time) The extra dry heat of the styling tool and the hot air only takes away the additional moisturizer.

Hair friendly pillowcases while Sleeping:

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The friction between your hair and cotton is the real thing. So sleep on silk to avoid this dangerous friction. Silk linen does not cause damage and breakage of hair strands as compared to cotton. Change ordinary pillowcases or wear silk hair hats at night.

Use less dangerous hair ties:
Rely on nostalgia in the 80s and 90s and protect your hair from damage with this fun tip. An elastic ponytail holder can pull hair too tight and cause damage. Reach for retro hair ties, such as bandannas to make a statement and protect your hair.

Keep The Scalp Clean:

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The scalp produces excess sebum in the summer, making oily hair. Because you need to wash your hair regularly and gently exfoliate your scalp to keep it clean and healthy. After all, a clean scalp is the perfect environment for healthy hair growth!

Although we like summertime, this can trigger oil production on our scalp to some extent. Dry and hot weather sends signals to the sebaceous glands in our scalp to produce more oil. Pores can become clogged with oil, which can cause hair loss and overall hair greasiness. If you notice that your hair is oily in the summer months, we recommend using shampoo. However, cleaning with shampoo every day is good, as long as you use a gentle shampoo or with natural cleansing that does not remove natural oils from your hair. Use a shampoo that is designed to deal with hair problems that are caused in summer by increasing back moisture and stimulating blood circulation for a healthy scalp.

Choose healthy hair food:
A proper diet or hair supplement is the key to beautiful hair growth because you have to nourish this healthy hair from the inside. We have all heard that healthy food is very important for healthy hair. Also, several foods specifically nourish the follicles and help them produce more natural oils and prevent hair loss. Some of them are dark green vegetables for vitamins A and C; Salmon, walnuts, chia and flax seeds. Protein-rich foods such as eggs and sea protein (see fish and shellfish) promote full, thick hair growth. Good fats like omega-3s are as important as B vitamins like biotin and niacin and minerals like iron and zinc. And add the best beauty secrets to them: drinking (lots of) water.


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In summer, we tend to dehydrate very quickly due to excessive heat. Drinking lots of water is what works for various health conditions. By drinking lots of water, we can get rid of toxins from our bodies and stay healthy and help in hair growth.

Change hair mask
If you are worried that your hair will look dull or dry, give the extra care you need! Use a hair mask that restores, moisturizes and strengthens dry summer hair. Use a natural hair mask 1 to 3 times a week, instead of a normal, natural conditioner.

Get a hair trim:

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You can shorten the length of the hair section or cut the excess length to medium to keep the section manageable. They are easier to care for during the summer season, especially when you don’t have enough time.

Summer tends to be when all the split ends of the hair return their ugly heads. If you continue to cut the ends of your split ends, this will benefit your overall hair health and maintain your polished hair cut. Cutting your hair end often prevents the split ends from moving up the hair shaft.

Deal with chlorine accumulation:
Pool and summer go hand in hand. If we don’t go to the beach, then at least we will go to the pool. Swimming in chlorinated water can add another tension to your hair. You don’t have to avoid shared swimming pools, just follow a few tips to keep your summer hair healthy. Avoid shampooing on pool day. You will get essential and natural hair oils from your scalp that will protect you when you are crushing it on the diving board.

Follow these steps to prevent hair loss and let your hair breathe easily this summer. To learn more about hair care products and natural hair care, you must first visit a Best trichologist and then follow the instructions based on the condition of your hair and scalp. Our hair goes through a natural growth and fall cycle. If you feel your hair is falling out too much, it might be due to factors other than summer. Contact the Best trichologist In Hyderabad immediately.

Follow diet in accordance with the amount of physical activity a person does and the amount of sweat or dehydration a person experiences. If you have excessive dandruff, you should talk with a trichologist, who can tell you his condition. Medications prevent hair loss in summer or other scalp problems. With proper care, you can maintain the crown next summer. Think about these things and show off your hair throughout the year. If you have questions, feel free to contact Cyber Hairsure Clinic Hyderabad at 040 49540202 / 8331020202 and book your appointment.

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