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Is FUE Hair Transplant Permanent?

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Most of the people neglecting their hair fall until they lost their entire hair. Hair is an essential factor in your body which makes you look beautiful. However, lost hair can be restored with the available hair transplant procedures. Among all the procedures, FUE is the trending and most beneficial hair transplant technique.

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Is FUE hair transplantation permanent?
Yes, FUE can be a permanent solution for your baldness or hair loss problem. In this procedure, hair follicles that transplanted in the hair loss area are genetically programmed to grow naturally for life. However, some patients might require more than one procedure over their lifetime to keep their desired look.

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How does FUE hair transplant work?

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction which is recently calling as Follicular Unit Excision by ISHRS. It is one of the most advanced and effective hair loss treatment at present. The procedure involves removing hair follicles individually from the donor area(usually the back or sides of the head) that are programmed genetically to continue to grow for life. The removed hair grafts are carefully placed in your hair loss areas.

After the procedure, the new hair grafts transplanted will shed naturally in the early stages. Over time new, thick and mature hairs will grow in the next 10 to 15 months, which will behave like your original hair. The outcome will be exceptional if the surgeon has a perfect combination of skill and artistry. With proper care after hair transplant surgery, it lasts for life.

Why the hair follicles that transplanted are permanent

The hair follicles which are transplanted are taken from your body, so the characteristics of the hair from their origin retain and continue to grow for life. You can treat your newly transplanted hair as you do your original hair, you can wash it, cut it usually and it is also not more ‘fragile’ than your healthy hair.

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Expectations and Recovery

After the procedure, your scalp may feel very tender. You might want to take medications to relieve from pain for some days. It is suggested that wearing bandages over the transplanted area for at least a day or two. To avoid inflammation or infection, doctors prescribe taking an antibiotic or an anti-inflammatory drug for some days. It is well known for its recovery; most of the people return to their daily routine within 2 to 5 days post-operation.

The transplanted hair starts to fall out within 2 to 3 weeks post-surgery, and you can observe new hair growth within a few months. The new hair growth varies from person to person wherein 60% of the people, new hair growth is seen after 6 to 9 months. Some surgeons also suggest using minoxidil (Rogaine) a drug that helps in new hair-growth after transplantation, but there is clear evidence of how well it works.

Benefits Of FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

  • It is a minimally invasive procedure
  • Almost painless; however, Local anaesthesia is used
  • Stitches not required
  • Post-surgical scars are also really invisible to the naked eye
  • The punches made in the procedure also heals fastly
  • Helps you to get a desired and natural-looking hairline
  • The success rate is also very high compared to other procedures
  • Post-surgical complications are also very rare

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