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How To Repair Damaged Hair Fas

Does your hair feel dry, brittle and dull? Do you suffer from split ends? Frequent use of a hairdryer or hair care such as lightning, colouring or straightening can dry out and dam

Can Stress And Anxiety Cause H

You may have heard about the possible relationship between stress and hair loss, but is there any truth in this statement? Whether you feel dizzy at work or overwhelmed by emotiona

Can Hormonal Imbalance Cause H

Women love their hair. Don't we, we cut it, we style it, we like it, and we hate it. Good hair gives us a feeling of confident and sexy look. What if this precious hair suddenly st

Is FUE Hair Transplant Permane

Most of the people neglecting their hair fall until they lost their entire hair. Hair is an essential factor in your body which makes you look beautiful. However, lost hair can be

Overview Of Hair Loss

How would you describe your hair? Long, or short? Silky, or fizzy? Oily, or dry? Straight, or curly? There are several ways in which you could talk about your hair, on how to style

These Are The 7 Types Of Hair

Hair loss. Isn’t it scary to ever hear that?  Well, it is quite a deal to think of hair loss. Hair is something that makes a person look and feel complete in physical appeara