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How Long Does It Take For The FUE Hair Transplant Procedure?

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Today hair transplantation is considered the most reliable and effective method for hair restoration. Hair transplants are carried out using a variety of techniques, and each method has several unique properties. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are the two main techniques used to perform hair transplants. Between these two techniques, the FUE technique is considered more advanced, and patients, in particular, prefer this technique because of its effectiveness and benefits.

Each surgical procedure needs time for the completion of the process. The success of the procedure also depends on appropriate follow-up care. Patients need the time required to achieve complete results. The answer to this question also depends on the procedure and quality of care.

This article provided by the Best Hair Transplant Clinic gives information about how much time does it take for the FUE hair transplant. Before we talk more about time, it’s better to familiarize yourself with the FUE technique.

What is FUE?

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FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction or sometimes called Follicular Unit Transplantation) is a type of hair transplant where each hair follicle is extracted from a donor part of the body, usually from the sides and back of the head. These individual follicles are then implanted in the affected area called the recipient site.

Doctors take the follicles from sides and back of the scalp are called “safe areas”. It is due to the permanent nature of the hair root, which is resistant to DHT and provides better donor follicles than other areas on the scalp.

How does it work?
During this process, individual follicles usually between 1 and 4 hair strands are removed under local anaesthesia. The extraction procedure uses a microsurgical extraction device with a diameter between 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm to remove the follicle.

The surgeon then uses a special microsurgical needle and then stabs the area of ​​the scalp that needs to receive a graft. Best Hair Transplant Clinic surgeons are experts in blending hair, inserting angles and densities that match real hair, making it resemble natural and realistic hairstyles.

What are FUE transplant steps?

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At present, FUE hair transplants are the best treatment for baldness treatment. As mentioned above, hair follicles are collected using a unique tool.

Through a small perforation percutaneous method, the surgeon will extract hair follicles (follicles are cavities where the hair is born). These hair follicles are grafted back into your scalp, where you need to increase the density of your hair.

Intervention with the FUE method takes more time than other hair surgery techniques, but it produces a better result. You don’t have a large scar on your donor area and micro-perforations heal quickly. As a result, the postoperative recovery time is significantly reduced.

How long does it take for the FUE hair transplant procedure?

Fast and painless treatment, FUE surgery is an increasingly standard procedure for patients in India. Although the length of the procedure can vary from case to case, it is often easy to estimate deadlines for planning your schedule.

FUE hair transplant can be done in one long session or several small sessions. It is more time consuming than other types of the method but leaves no clear and distinctive scars. The length of time for an FUE procedure can vary, but usually depends on:

  • Does the patient have a medical condition that must be considered?
  • What is the procedure?
  • How many grafts are needed?
  • How many grafts are implanted in one session?

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This above question gives the time needed for the FUE hair transplant procedure. Let’s look more closely at these elements that can be used to adjust the duration of the FUE procedure:

  • Patients have pre-existing medical conditions: Some diseases or drugs can cause complications with topical anaesthesia. Although this may not be a problem, by understanding your prognosis, the medical team can decide which approach to take for the procedure and, if necessary, additional time to treat complications that may arise.
  • Which procedure is used: In this case, follicular unit extraction (FUE) can extend the duration of the process due to the hands-on nature of the operation. It requires caution when implanting individual hair and may or may not be in a hurry.
  • How many grafts are needed: Minor procedures that only require about 200 grafts can be completed in a few hours. However, a more extensive procedure of around 2,500 to 3,000 grafts requires a session that lasts two days.
  • How many grafts are implanted: The volume of transplanted hair affects the length of treatment. If this leads to discomfort, the procedure can be divided into sessions or more clearly arranged.

On average, managing these variables leads to a process that takes between two and four hours. A doctor from Best Hair Transplant Clinic will always confirm this in advance so that you have enough time to arrange transportation and maintenance afterwards.

Why does the FUE procedure take so long?

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Each surgical procedure takes as long as needed to ensure the highest level of care, quality and safety for the patient. Because this is a cosmetic procedure, all FUE transplants take a long time until the final results meet the highest standards.

It is mainly due to difficulties associated with moving each hair follicle to the desired area. They are usually taken from the back or side of your scalp and then gently transferred. This process is carried out with local anaesthesia and treatment is carried out to ensure your comfort and to minimize additional scars or complications.

How long does recovery last?

In contrast to FUT surgery, a massive scalp area is not required to harvest in FUE hair transplants. The back of the head also has no linear incisions and does not leave linear scars.

When an individual follicle is removed, only a small puncture point remains, which is practically invisible to the naked eye. There is virtually no pain and discomfort in surgery; the average recovery time is less than seven days.

How long will the results last?

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After FUE, the results are permanent. While the hair that was transplanted initially falls off a few weeks after treatment, it grew back strong and healthy.


In short, hair transplants always produce positive results and success depends on the patient following all the surgeon’s instructions. Also, hair growth after an FUE hair transplant is a gradual process, and you must be patient to get the full results.

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