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Hair Transplant Scars: Permanent Or Not?

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When you opt for cosmetic procedures, we know your biggest concern will be that it shouldn’t leave a scar. The very first question you ask a doctor after he explains the cosmetic procedure would perhaps be; “Will it leave a scar? If it does, how long will it stay?” The second doubt you might have is if the scar will fade, or will it be permanent? So here are, to answer all your questions and ease your concerns, before you opt for surgery.  Hair Transplant is one such surgical procedure which adds a lot of value to your beauty and appearance. With the fuller thicker hair on your head, you can walk with your head high. However, every good thing comes with a price or should I say a scar?

Yes, Hair transplantation does leave a scar. However, the visibility and the depth of the injury varies with the procedure you opt for. There are two types of Hair Transplant techniques.

FUE Method:

In the FUE method of hair transplant, the scar/scars are not visible. The reason being that this method of transplantation is done by making very tiny needle size holes about 1mm in size on your scalp. The hair follicles that are extracted from the donor area also leave a small scar, which is usually covered under the adjacent growing hair. Yes, they might be visible if you plan to shave your head off. Otherwise, the scars from the FUE method are well covered by the growing hair since they are very tiny. That is one advantage FUE method has over FUT method of hair transplant. Hence it’s quite evident that the FUE method of hair transplant has become quite popular among patients since its as good as no scar.

FUE method

FUT Method:

In the FUT method of hair transplant, a strip of skin containing your hair follicles is gently scraped off, leading to a minimal scar. This scar is little more evident in the form of a scarring line, which is bigger than 1mm size as compared to the scars in the FUE method. Again, if you maintain your hair well and have thick hair at the back of your head, then this scar can also be covered under your growing hair. However, in people with thin hair, or if you begin to lose your hair at the back, this scar can be visible. Despite the visible scar, quite a few people opt for this surgery because it has its own advantage over the FUE method. The FUT method of hair transplant is less time consuming than the FUE method.  While the FUT method requires a strip of the scalp, with hair to be surgically sliced from the back of your head, the FUE procedure is a minimally invasive procedure which involves a surgical punch tool used to extract the hair grafts from the donor area (the area where there is dense hair growth.)

Are the Hair Transplant scars permanent? 

Yes, hair transplant scars are permanent. But that is the very nature of injuries, that they are permanently visible marks on your skin. Some scars fade away with time, some can be covered under the body hair, as is with hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant scars can hence be easily hidden. The hair transplant surgery, if done by a qualified experienced surgeon, leads to very minimal scarring. If the procedure is done right, you will not have to worry about the visibility of the scars. They are as good as not visible. Always choose a hair transplant clinic that has experienced and qualified doctors and technicians. Never go to a clinic that offers hair transplant surgery for low prices. In these procedures such as hair transplant, if you want to look great with a beautiful crop of hair, it’s a good idea to invest in a good and reputed hair clinic, which will not leave you scarred for life!

Hair Transplant Scar

Should you be worried about the hair transplant scar?

Well, the answer is NO! You shouldn’t be worried about the minimal scar of hair transplant surgery. When the operation is done efficiently by an expert, you can relax and let your body do the healing, and the doctors take care of the rest.  However, there is a little possibility that later in life, some 30-40 years down the line, as your age advances and the apparent signs of wrinkles and saggy skin starts with old age, some scars may be visible due to saggy skin. As with all the scars that resurface in old age, its a common phenomenon. But then who is to complain, after 3-4 decades. Right? What matters is that you live the prime part of your life to its fullest without a worry about your appearance. And that is exactly what we are going to help you do. So quit worrying about any possible scars which may or may not resurface in your very distant future. Live in the now and be happy.

What if you want to minimize the effects of the scar further?  Are there any treatments for it? 

Yes, it is possible to minimize the effects of the scar tissue further after the hair transplant surgery is done. You will have to wait until the scar tissue is completely healed to estimate the extent of the scar. There are two procedures to reverse the unpleasant look of your scars, in case they are still visible after the surgery. Take a quick read about them.

1. Scar correction surgery: 

If at all you become a victim of a poor hair transplant surgery by untrained and unqualified technicians, you still have some hope. We can perform a scar correction surgery which will minimize the extent of the scar tissue making it less visible.  The procedure .involves preparing the scar tissue to be scraped off the skin gently, and the skin around it is stretched and stitched together minutely so that the new scar is an improvement on the previous scar.

Hair Transplant Scar Treatment

2. Micro-pigmentation method:

This method is similar to the basic tattoo technique. However, the basic idea is to disguise the scar tissue such that it becomes invisible or less visible.  In this method of micro pigmentation of the hair transplant scar, permanent ink is used to create a 3D tattoo around the scar tissue so that it resembles natural hair with the exact colour and the precise orientation of hair on the scalp. It completely blends in with your hair on the scalp creating an illusion of natural hair. So, if you are a victim of failed hair transplant or a procedure that did not conceal your incision scars, we, at Hair sure hair transplant clinic perform correction surgeries and have had many patients who’ve witnessed 100% success.

At Hair sure, hair transplant clinic we have highly qualified doctors and technicians who are expert in the area of hair transplantation. We aim to make you look good without having to worry about any possible visible scars. We make sure that the hair transplant surgery leaves you with bare minimum scars and we also provide treatment to further minimize it as per your wish.

We treat each patient differently as per their hair loss type and baldness pattern. So you can get customized and personal approach that suits your appearance and make you look great, worth every penny you spend on the hair transplant surgery. So call us now to book your appointment with us, for all your concerns regarding hair transplantation. Our expert staff is always ready to assist you.

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