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Hair Transplant Looks Natural Or Not?

Natural-looking hair transplantation surgery at Best Hair Transplant, One of the best hair restoration Hospitals in Hyderabad

One of the crucial doubts which may arise for many who opt for hair transplant is whether the result is a natural-looking hair or not. Well, this is a legitimate concern since the earlier popular surgical procedures like hair plugs did not always result in natural-looking hair.

In the 1990s, hair plugs were the only option for treating hair loss. In this procedure, tissue consisting of hair strands from the back of the scalp was removed. A punching tool was used to extract grafts. They are then transplanted into similar sized holes made on the bald surface. However, the results weren’t so natural because each tissue grafted had strands of hair, which grew in a bunch with space between each graft. It gave the appearance of a bunch of paddy saplings sowed in a wet field with gaps between each bunch. Technological advancements have brought about a remarkable change, for the best, as to how hair transplants are done these days.

Advanced technology hair transplantation treatment at Best Hair transplant, One of the best Hair restoration Clinics in Hyderabad

The demand for hair transplantation has increased significantly in recent years. The good news is that sophisticated techniques developed over the years have brought hair restoration to an entirely new level. With the skills and experience of hair transplant surgeons combined with the advancements in technology, the results of hair restoration operations are astonishing in that they not only enhance the look but also resembles close to that of natural hair.

This article from Best Hair Transplant Clinic gives information about what factors affect the natural look of hair transplants.

Do hair transplants look natural?

Permanent and Natural looking Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad, hair Restoration Specialists near me

We, at the Best hair transplant Clinic, have always relied on the latest technology in hair loss treatment. It has helped us in offering the natural-identical hair replacement treatment to our customers, which complements the natural growth patterns of your hair and facial features.

Hair transplantation looks natural, depending on several different factors, from the quality of the procedure to the quality of the donor area. No one wants to pay for a life-changing hair transplant just to be disappointed with the results.

Factors influencing the overall outcome of hair transplant surgery:

Results depend on the best clinic and the best surgeon you choose:

Best hair transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad India, hair loss treatment speciality Clinics near me

The results of a hair transplant depend on the surgeon and the clinical setting where the procedure is performed. Nowadays, there is the news of hair transplants performed by unqualified surgeons or in budget clinics that produce results that seem unnatural and sometimes detrimental to the patient’s health. For example, a failed surgery could lead to infection both at the donor as well as the graft site.

To get high-quality results and achieve the most natural hair transplant results, you must thoroughly examine the clinic and do a background check on the surgeon’s credentials. Reading patients’ reviews and meeting doctors directly to know about how he/she proposes to move ahead with pre and post-surgery is an important step.

One of the harvesting techniques used is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). In this procedure, hair follicles are extracted sequentially from the back of the scalp using a tool smaller than one millimeter. They are then transplanted into the recipient area with needles. The result is natural hair that complements the existing natural hair. The scars from the donor site look like tiny dots and will disappear within a few weeks.

Another method is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), where hairbands are extracted from the back of the scalp and transplanted on to the target site where hair growth is thin or bald. This procedure is recommended for patients who need to restore large amounts of hair. After the operation is complete, the donor site is sutured. It leaves linear scars on the scalp that are visible. But hair restoration is undoubtedly what the patient is looking for – a natural-looking hair.

Make sure you have a right donor area:

Best Selected Donor area for FUE hair transplant in Hyderabad, best hair loss treatment Doctors near me

Your surgeon must tell you whether your donor area has sufficient quality of hair strands and inform you in your first consultation about the expected results. Be sure to ask realistic questions during your consultation about what to expect after the surgery. Ask questions about the status of donor follicles and how well they can be used for transplantation procedures.

Your surgeon may not be able to give clear answers to the exact results you expect, but they can tell you the chances of you getting the final result you want.

Aftercare and style:

FUE and FUT After Care at Best Hair Transplant Hyderabad, hair restoration surgery Specialists near me

After you recover from an FUE or FUT hair transplant, it is up to you to keep your new hair in top condition. Aftercare is essential when trying to get the most natural results. Your new hair will be softer than usual. Therefore, it is necessary to use the right product and do not over-process your hair.

Using fine and organic shampoos and hair styling products is a great way to make sure you don’t let your hair be exposed to harmful chemicals. They are also better on the scalp, as the scalp can be a little sensitive after the procedure.


If you follow all the above, then the results will look natural. It will help if you find a qualified doctor who will naturally transplant your hair follicles. Best Hair Transplant Clinic doctors specialize in the art of creating hairlines that look so natural that transplants are almost undetectable by the naked eye.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic always strives to achieve the most realistic results for hair recovery. With procedures tailored to each patient’s needs and the level of care and precision used by our hair transplant surgeons. The entire Best Hair Transplant Clinic hair restoration team works together to give patients results that look natural and exceed expectations.

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