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Hair Loss Due To Dandruff? Stop It Now!

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Dandruff is not a new enemy. It’s been ruining hair and lives for long enough now! Thinning hair, visible flakes, itchy scalp, disappointing home remedies are just some of the many many hindrance that dandruff ring to our daily life.

But to put an end to this, you need to first understand. Let’s begin.

What Is Dandruff? 

Technically, dandruff is an overgrowth of skin cells. Chiefly seen in the scalp, when cells grow (and hence die) at a faster rate, our skin becomes unable to shed the dead skin cells off as fast. Hence, the extra dead cells start depositing on our scalp and we call those deposits dandruff.

What causes dandruff? Well, that differs from person to person. Let’s say, dry skin causes dandruff. Then you will find someone who was oily skin and that is what is causing dandruff problem in them. For some people, it’s a genetic factor that causes dandruff.



But no matter what is the root cause behind dandruff, the result is that it causes hair loss. But how?

How Dandruff Causes Hair Loss?

This is very simple. Dandruff is itchy. Dandruff forms deposits of dead skin cells. Now, when you scratch your scalp or try to pick out the dry, scaly deposits, you are causing damage to your hair follicles. Over a few sessions of scratching, the hair follicles become weak and the hair falls off.

If you wash your hair too often to wash out dandruff or try incorrect home remedies, it can become even worse. Again, deposits of dandruff can act as a storehouse of dirt and allergens in your hair which, in turn, can lead to hair loss.

How To Prevent Dandruff-Induced Hairfall? 

Dandruff affects 50% of people on Earth. No wonder, the internet is stuffed with remedies of dandruff and hair loss. You may have done your research as well; but somehow, nothing worked. And this is why it is so – you have not considered what is causing dandruff in your case. Treatment or management of dandruff is different for each person and hence there is no ‘one solution, fits all’ medicine for dandruff.

Then how can you prevent dandruff and the related hair loss?

Well, first of all…

Visit A Dermatologist

Visit an expert. An expert will know much more about your condition merely through a physical examination. Plus, he can run additional tests to find the root cause of dandruff. If it’s fungal dandruff, a simple anti-fungal ointment could work. But if it is a genetic factor, while the doctor cannot treat the condition, he can tell you how to best manage the symptoms.

Stop That Scratch

Until you visit your doctor, find a way to stop the itchy sensation. The main reason why dandruff causes hair fall is that it induces scratching. If you find it difficult to abstain from itching, try some herbal home remedies to soothe the irritation. Aloe vera gel has always been a good anti-inflammatory agent. It can help in calming down the itchy sensation.


Tea tree oil and almond oil are both rich in antioxidants. They can help in managing the urge to scratch.

Find The Shampoo That Suits

If you want to try an over-the-counter anti-dandruff shampoo, don’t lose hope if the shampoo does not work. You may require to try a few varieties before you find the one that suits you the best. But while you do so, remember that certain chemicals present in the shampoo may act upon your dandruff negatively. If you see any serious side-effects, consult a doctor immediately.

It has also been seen that one shampoo which initially works for a person, stop working after repetitive use. If this is the case with you, you will need to find another shampoo.

Stop Dandruff From Worsening

If dandruff is causing hair loss, the hair loss can be prevented by preventing dandruff, right? So, take measures to prevent dandruff from getting worse. You could try these tips to avoid/manage dandruff.

  • Avoid sunlight and pollution – wear a scarf.
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol and smoking.
  • Do not wash your hair excessively.
  • Oil your hair if you have dry skin.
  • If you have an oily scalp, wash it regularly – don’t let the dirt settle in your scalp.
  • Massage your scalp to increase blood flow in that area.
  • Keep yourself de-stressed & peaceful.
  • Eat a balanced diet, especially a diet which is rich in Vitamin B.

If your dandruff is beyond control or if you are tired of losing hair because of dandruff, you can visit our doctors at Cyber HairSure Clinic for expert advice and proper treatment.

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