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Hair transplant surgery is the present trend and it is an ideal choice for people who want a thicker growth of hair or wants to cover their baldness. But you opt to go for a hair transplant surgery, you will have two options i.e two types of surgeries – FUE and FUT(Strip Surgery).


Basically, both are surgeries where the surgeon extracts the hair follicles from the donor area( the place in your body where you have a good growth of hair) and transplant it to the recipient area (the place in your body where you lost your hair or having baldness. Excluding the basic procedure, there are slight changes in the procedure of extraction of the hair and execution of the surgery.

Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) is also known as Strip surgery. In FUT, a strip of hair is removed from the donor area and transplanted it to the recipient area. Whereas in FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction individual follicular hair units are extracted by using a punching machine from the donor area and transplanted one by one to the recipient area.

So, the difference between the two procedures is in the extraction of the hair follicles is done. The transplantation procedure same in both the procedures.

Which Hair Transplant Gives you A Natural Look?

The way of the hair follicles transplanted to recipient area is same in both FUE and FUT. Ultimately, the final outcome gives you a natural look with either of the techniques.

As we discussed earlier, FUT may leave little scars at the donor area. If you are concerned about the scars, you can opt for the pre-operative conditions.

In FUE procedure, as individual hair follicles are to be removed and planted. So, you need to shave your head before the surgery. Whereas FUT technique doesn’t require it.

 Which Manages Pain?

Both the surgeries all almost painless. Anyway, while doing FUT surgery doctors prefer to use local anaesthesia whereas FUE procedure can also be done without any anaesthesia.

Which Manages Scars?

In FUE, the hair follicles are extracted and transplanted by making small ‘punches’ using a “punching machines” which results out invisible small scars. But in FUT procedure, a line of a strip is extracted which results out thin and faint scars. That’s why in strip surgery hair is extracted from the place where you have thick hair so that the scars can be hidden. Finally, the extraction is made strategically so that the scars can heal by time.

Which Hair Transplant Has Higher Success Rate?

cosmetic surgeon plants each graft manually in donor area under a microscope in a FUT surgery. So, the plantation is more accurate (95% growth rate) and the chance of survival rate of hair follicles will be more. On the other hand, in FUE surgery a punch machine is used to plant the hair follicles, which not as efficient as human(85% growth rate). But, this procedure is pretty faster one.

Hair Transplant Result

Which Is Long-Lasting?

It depends on many factors like the experience of the doctor, your health conditions, the way of your lifestyle etc.  It does depend on the technique used to transplant your hair. If we talk about the success rate, both FUE and FUT are equally efficient.

Which Hair Transplant Is Cost Effective?

FUE is a little time-consuming process as individual grafts need to be transplanted one by one. The cost of FUE is based on the number of grafts transplanted. Whereas in FUT process, estimation of the cost is done before the surgery itself. As time moves on, the cost difference between FUE and FUT is becoming less. As per now, it is said to be that FUE is little costlier than the FUT.

Even if you go through every point mentioned above, you may not conclusively decide which technique better suits you. You need to consult the doctor. The type of surgery varies according to the places where you need a hair transplant like eyebrow, beard, head, chest etc. Generally, when the implant area is larger FUT is preferred and FUE is preferred for a smaller area.

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