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Care to be Exercised by Hair Transplant Patients From Coronavirus

Best Hair transplant care from coronavirus at Best Hair transplant, One of the best Hair Restoration Centres in Hyderabad

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made us realize that we are medically ill-equipped when it comes to handling casualties brought about by a pandemic and that prevention is the best cure. COVID-19 is spreading fast by mere contact with an infected individual. It is indeed hard to battle an invisible enemy. The whole world is busy with dealing Coronavirus both at the individual and at the state level.

A lot of resources have been pooled like building medical infrastructure, educating and spreading awareness about the disease amongst the public etc. As a medical clinic, we, at Hairsure Hair Transplant Clinic, feel obliged to communicate the care to be taken to evade Coronavirus in relation with hair transplant procedures.

Hair restoration is a complicated process, and it is important to understand the nature, purpose, possible complications and limitations of this procedure which will be dealt with in detail during your consultation with our specialist doctors. Patients who undergo hair transplantation at Hairsure Hair Transplant Clinic, are educated on additional precautions to be taken to ensure the safety of our patients and clinical staff. Diligent follow-up of the instructions laid below shall ensure that you get the best results amidst Coronavirus.

This blog will guide you in understanding what you need to do to stay safe from Coronavirus before and after undergoing a hair transplant.

Coronavirus (COVID-19):

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COVID-19 belongs to the family of Corona. Example of the most infamous family members of Corona being SARS and MERS, which affected millions of people worldwide. The most common symptoms associated usually with COVID-19 are as follows:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty in breathing (e.g. Shortness of breath)

Hair transplant practices during COVID-19:

Hairsure Hair Transplant Clinic, took the same stringent precautions as other medical facilities. Our doctors personally take precautions that minimize the risk of infection. Our staff are committed to best practices in line with that of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) guidelines:

  • We collect a questionnaire for gaining insights into the present health situation of not just the patients but also their close contacts, with close attention to the symptoms of COVID-19. Patients must provide accurate information.
  • We adhere to strict social distance instructions to limit patient contact, be it during the consultation or procedure. Waiting rooms have been arranged accordingly.
  • Use appropriate equipment/PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as recommended by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) or other equivalent government agencies.
  • As part of our infection prevention strategy, we usually use a relevant medical history and daily temperature monitoring for all clinic staff and patients. Also, if available, follow-up with the government’s guidelines for using personnel monitoring tests.
  • In addition to the proper use of PPE, suitable cleaning, disinfection and sterilization procedures are done in all our clinics. Appropriate methods are also used to dispose of contaminated material.
  • We also tell patients about the protocol for washing hands in the office/clinic and changing gloves, clothes, and masks.
  • We are educating the public that our employees have received additional training on the methods for controlling the spread of COVID-19.
  • Most important of all, the surgeon you choose is the person who shall carry out the steps of your surgical procedure, rather than delegating it to an unlicensed technician.
  • Mandatory use of N95 masks by all personnel.

Strict entry to patients into our clinics is only after checking their body temperatures, wearing masks, and rubbing sanitizers on their hands. We have and shall comply with all public regulations laid down by the competent government authorities from time to time to control the disease spread and to ensure public safety.

Suggestions for reducing COVID-19 exposure after hair transplant:

The COVID-19 Impact on Hair Transplant Operations Guidelines at Best Hair Transplant, One of the best female Hair loss treatment Clinics in Hyderabad

The first step in controlling the spread of the virus is by isolating the self from others. When you are experiencing one or more of the known symptoms of the virus, it is important to distance self from the others. The aim is to limit exposure either through contact or through the air. Here are some ways to minimize virus exposure after hair transplant.

  • Always use hand disinfectant whose alcohol content is more than 60%.
  • Touching your scalp without washing your hands is a strict no-no.
  • Wear a hat or cover scalp while going outside 
  • Keep a hand sanitizer at the entrance of your home and rub it on your hands before leaving and entering.
  • Do not touch objects which are contacted by a lot of people such as car doors, door knobs/handles, buttons in a lift, telephone etc.. Instead, try using the back of the knuckle or elbow for pushing/pressing activities. Wearing gloves helps in contamination, but making sure to dispose of them by throwing in a dustbin with lid/cover.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with a soap/liquid soap solution immediately after touching an exposed object.
  • Make sure your mask is of N95 class. Spread of infection through the air is not possible unless you have droplets from a cough or sneeze on your face.
  • The spray of disinfectants in areas that are widely used by you.

Such precautions can make a big difference when navigating contaminated areas. Proper usage of gloves, masks and sterilization of hands and the area you mostly spend a lot of time such as home or office is also important to prevent exposure of virus after hair transplant. Also, keep in mind that staying home and not venturing out reduces your risk of virus exposure.


At Hairsure Hair Transplant Clinic,, patients always come first, which is why we put their safety first. As a medical facility, we value hygiene. Hair transplant procedures are complex and require utmost care post-surgery. Infections are bound to happen if due care if not taken post-surgery.

At Hairsure Hair Transplant Clinic,, we are proud of our results and are happy with the trust our customers have on us. During this time, cleanliness and customer service are very important. See our various customer reviews on our feedback page. Your security, privacy and well-being are of the utmost importance to us. If you have further questions about hair transplant procedure with specific emphasis on COVID-19, please contact us at 040 49540202 / 8331020202.

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