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Can I use the hair of another person for the surgery on my scalp?

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The technique of hair transplantation has made it possible to overcome hair loss problems in many people. In the hair transplantation procedure, hair is removed from one area and transplanted to the balding area to restore hair volume. However, people often wonder if their friends or family can provide them with donor’s hair.

Due to short hair or poor-quality hair in their donor area, patients want to use friends and family’s hair. The article benefits more for those who desire to have a hair transplant surgery but do not have enough donor’s hair. The following information will help you understand everything you want to know about the hair transplant process using donor’s hair.

Can I use donor hair from another person?

Using another person’s hair for a hair transplant may seem theoretically possible, but practically it is not possible. Since there are compatibility issues involved in hair transplants, only your hair can be used. To prevent rejection of donor’s hair by recipients and prevent infection, hair restoration surgeons will not perform transplants utilizing other people’s hair.

If you use scalp tissue or hair taken from others, your body’s immune system will automatically reject the foreign tissue and hair. This may result in infections, which will prevent your hair from growing, and finally, the procedure becomes unsuccessful.

During an organ transplant, the recipient is given drugs and medication before the transplantation to prevent organ rejection.

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In the long run, these drugs might have long-term risks as well as numerous side effects. In addition, you will have to take these medications for the rest of your life. This is why they are generally not prescribed unless immunosuppression is necessary.

Although all preparations are made, there is still a possibility of rejection by your body, and transplantation fails. In addition, when it comes to hair transplants, immunosuppressants prove to be far riskier than their benefits, meaning that other people’s donor hair cannot be used.

However, one can use donor hair from any part of their body which is DHT-resistant because they are resilient to hair loss. The primary area for donor’s hair is the back and sides of your head. This is because the area is genetically resistant to hair fall. The research team is still looking into alternative sources of donor’s hair, like chest, leg, pubic hair etc.

Conditions under which it is possible to receive donated hair from others

Even though donor hair cannot be obtained from another person, a few exceptions exist. You can utilize donor hair from another individual in two situations.

Identical twins

Having an identical twin can have the opportunity to receive a donor’s hair. The reason for this is that you both have the same DNA structure and genetic composition. Because of this, your twin’s follicles and scalp tissues will not be recognized as foreign objects by your body, making rejection impossible.

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After a Bone Marrow Transplant

Blood and immune cells are replaced during bone marrow transplantation. Patients with serious illnesses, such as cancer, generally undergo this procedure. However, in a recent study published in Dermatologic Surgery, it was found that a person will not reject transplanted hair from the same donor after undergoing a bone marrow transplant.

Patients who are seriously ill can receive bone marrow transplants, but healthy individuals cannot. In addition, a person’s hair cannot be used as a transplant except in the above circumstances.

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