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What Causes Swelling After Hai

People may experience swelling in the areas of the scalp, forehead, and eyes due to the Read More >>

Is there a need for follow-up

Modern hair transplant surgery has evolved significantly, and the infamous "hair plug" procedures have become a thing of the past. Modern hair trans

What is the success rate of Sa

One of the biggest concerns patients have when considering a hair transplant is whether their Read More >>

Can hair transplantation be do

A routine health screening is done when you first visit a hair transplant clinic. You will be asked some questions regarding your general health to

Why planning your hairline is

Hair transplants require a great deal of research and consideration before they are undertaken. If you are researching hair transplants, it is essen

How Long Does It Take To See R

Baldness is the leading hair problem in today's times. Our stressful lifestyle and busy schedules make baldness inevitable. There is a solution for