Hair Transplant Cost Facts and Myths

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The present world is full of busy life combined with stress, resulting in various health issues from head to toe. Stress is one of the major causes of hair fall.

Hair issue has become so major that they need medical help as a person’s self-esteem gets disturbed. Causes for hair loss are

  • Pollution
  • Heredity
  • Internal health issues resulting in hair loss. 

Although people at a very young age suffer from baldness, these hair loss issues have been solved with the latest developed technology.

There are different hair transplant procedures at a very budget-friendly cost. 

The city of Hyderabad is a melting pot of cultures.”

Medical facilities in Hyderabad have treatments for each health issue with advanced technology within a pocket-friendly budget.

Although hair transplant procedures are persistently successful, life-changing for those patients who pursue this option. People have many inaccurate assumptions connected with hair transplants. Unfortunately, these myths have prevented both men and women with hair loss and baldness from seeking incredible solutions.

The most popular hair transplant procedures are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Hair Transplant), which are pocket friendly and have success rates. 

Cost of hair transplant:

Several factors influence the transplant’s procedural cost, for instance, the clinic’s reputation, services, and facilities provided for the patients. 

How To Take Care Of Hair After A Hair Transplant by best hair transplant clinic hyderabad

Facts and Myths about Hair Transplant Cost

  • Myth – Hair Transplant cost is the same for everyone

Fact – Baldness severity determines the cost of a hair transplant. The required grafts also increase and thereby affect the procedural cost. 

  • Myth-Hair transplant cost is the same everywhere.

Fact: Depending on the area’s living costs and the number of surgeons offering the same procedures nearby, a surgeon’s fee may vary.

  • Myth – All hair transplant procedures cost the same

Fact – Though there are many hair transplant procedures, the most successful ones are Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE). These procedures’ costs vary depending on the surgeon’s experience.

  • Myth – The number of grafts does not play a role in the cost 

Fact – Hair transplantation cost depends on the baldness and the number of grafts required to cover the balding area.

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  • Myth – The donor site does not impact the cost

Fact – The donor grafts are usually extracted from the head’s backside. The surgeon grafts the hair from other body parts if the person lacks healthy follicles—for instance, chest and beard. Removing the hair from these areas is also difficult and time-consuming, increasing the hair transplant cost.

  • Myth – Travel cost is not part of the procedure

Fact – When seeking the best specialists, you may have to travel, affecting your ability to afford the procedure. 

  • Myth – All surgeons charge the same

Fact – Surgeons with 5 years of experience in hair transplant are professional surgeons with improved abilities and are highly skilled in managing complex cases with the best results. The experienced surgeon knows how to create a perfect hairline and implant follicles. However, this factor plays a significant role in determining the cost of your hair transplant.

  • Myth – Insurance agencies cover the hair transplant cost

Fact – Most insurance companies consider the procedure a cosmetic one. So check before with your insurance provider if they cover the costs.

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