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Most Common Causes Of Female Hair Loss

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Imagine a teenager losing their hair !!! If you are an adult, you might accept that your hair is falling out. What if you were a teenager who lost precious hair at the peak of their life? It can cause emotional trauma at critical points in their lives.

Hair growth cycle goes through three phases, followed by three months of inactivity. This cycle keeps repeating itself. Each healthy hair cycle follows the same pattern. In essence, the active hair growth phase (anagen) lasts for 3-5 years, followed by a 10-day transition period (catagen) and finally, the telogen phase, where hair sheds and follicles fall out. The follicle is then inactive for three months before the whole cycle is repeated.

Hair loss, thinning, and similar problems occur when the normal hair cycle is interrupted. There may be several reasons for this, some of which have similarities between women and men, others specifically for women. The American Academy of Dermatology defines normal hair loss of 50 to 100 strands a day, so no more than your usual amount can be a reason to visit a doctor.

Hair loss due to hormones, stress, iron and nutrients causes effects that are generally reversible. It is more challenging to reverse hair loss due to hereditary factors or less frequent cases of inflammation. After seeing a patient for the first time, a blood test is essential to check for possible hormonal or nutritional deficiencies. However, this hair loss can occur for several reasons and can be treated and prevented successfully.

This blog, provided by Best Hair Transplant Clinic gives information about the most common cause of female hair loss.

Most Common Causes Of Female Hair Loss

When young girls become teenagers, they experience many physical changes, including changes in their hormones. Then these hormones fluctuate in their emotions, eating habits and hair growth.
Since the leading cause of hair loss is specific hormones present in men and women, you can understand how hormonal changes and imbalances cause such problems. The hormone responsible for hair loss in everyone is dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone usually manifests in men; However, women and girls also have low testosterone levels. Unfortunately, testosterone is converted to DHT with the help of enzymes located in the hair oil glands. Then DHT hormone shrinks the hair follicles, and causes hair loss. Teenage girls can experience this hair loss, while the hormones in their bodies are balanced.

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Hormonal changes:
People with problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) have higher androgen levels, which can cause hair loss in women. If you are a woman who has more explicit hair loss and the following symptoms, you should ask your doctor to test our hormone levels:

  • Acne
  • Excess hair growth on the face or body
  • Irregular periods

Other things that can cause dramatic changes in your hormone levels such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and hypothyroidism can also affect hair growth. Even changing your treatment procedure can cause hair loss if your medication affects your hormone levels. For example, some women who stop taking birth control pills may experience hair loss. Fortunately, in most cases, with the right treatment, you can delay or reverse hair loss.

Some medications can cause hair loss in adolescents and adults, especially those that change hormones. In particular, some teenage girls can take birth control pills to relieve PCOS or control acne. However, some medicines are also known for thinning hair. Some doctors prescribe it to help females who have excessive hair growth on their bodies. Other medications can also cause hair loss, including anticoagulants, beta-blockers, and even high doses of vitamin A.

Most people don’t know about the role of nutrition for healthy and flexible hair and skin growth, but it plays an important role. Indian females nowadays often eat flour and fat instead of nutritious fruit and vegetable choices.

As a result, these females may lack essential vitamins and nutrients. Then their bodies try to get some of the healthy nutrients they have for their life support functions by reducing the amount of nutrients in their hair. Also, some teens may be malnourished due to malnutrition, and parents must carefully monitor the cause of this hair loss. Chronic forms of telogen effluvium can occur. This type of hair loss starts slower and lasts longer (more than six months). Possible causes are often related to nutritional deficiencies. Low iron levels indicate that vitamin D and zinc are associated with hair loss.

Over styling:

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To keep up with current trends and styles, females often use thermal products and tight hairstyles. If they use a straightener, moisturizer, and hair curler every day, they will eventually deal with dry and brittle hair.
Also, tight hairstyles such as high ponytails and braids can damage hair. If used often enough, they can pull out clumps, causing uncomfortable bald spots.

Stressful life events:
Out of nowhere, you notice a lot of hair loss. You can see it on your pillow, on the floor, in your clothes and stuck in the bathroom drain. It looks like hair comes out easily, so you are afraid to wash it. The medical term for this is telogen effluvium.

You might feel bald when Telogen effluvium occurs. Telogen effluvium is a stress reaction. Excessive hair loss begins 2 to 3 months after a tense physical or emotional event and peaks about 4 to 5 months later. Over time, your body adapts, and your hair gradually stops falling. Everything will return to normal in 6 to 9 months.

Stressful life events such as losing a loved one, surgery or diagnosing a severe illness can increase the risk of hair loss. Hair loss itself can also create stress, which can cause a vicious circle. Remember Telogen effluvium is temporary, you won’t be bald and your hair will come back. In most cases, no treatment is needed.

The most common form of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, is hereditary and is age-related. It is often referred to as male or female pattern hair loss and affects more women. It is a more extreme form of hair loss that usually starts at a young age and gradually develops with age.

In men, this type of hair loss often starts at the temples and extends to the ends of the scalp. There may be a slight thinning at the top of the head. For females, it usually first becomes noticeable where you divide your hair, but there is gradually thinning throughout. The hairline often remains the same, but the hair part can be widened.

Deeper medical conditions:
Sometimes excessive hair loss can indicate deeper health conditions. For example, people may experience hair loss if they have a scalp infection, unregulated diabetes, overactive or inactive thyroid, skin conditions, or trichotillomania (unintentional hair pulling).
In most cases, symptoms such as flaky or painful skin, hair loss in large spots and fatigue occur with underlying diseases. Patients should consider other changes related to hair loss and talk to doctors about concerns.

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Apart from the cause of hair loss, as with many health problems, a balanced diet with the necessary nutrients and vitamins is essential. Hair is the first point of damage when something in our body is out of balance because it is insignificant tissue or vital organs. But because hair cells are the second-fastest-growing cells our bodies make, their nutritional requirements are high.

However, if hair loss continues after several months, patients must work closely with their doctors to find the root cause. If other abnormal symptoms of hair loss occur, should see a doctor. If you suffer from hair loss, don’t panic. Your first action should be to visit a certified doctor as soon as possible. It is best not to waste time on home care and hair accessories that may or may not work. They can do more damage than good.

When you see a dermatologist at Best Hair Transplant Clinic, they first determine the cause of your hair loss. It can include a physical examination of the hair and scalp; Blood tests to identify problems such as thyroid problems or vitamin deficiencies; or scalp biopsy if a small piece of scalp is removed under local anaesthesia and sent to a laboratory for examination. As soon as the doctor knows the cause, they will give you treatment options. The sooner you start the right treatment, the more likely you are to return your hair. Hair loss may not always cure, but in many cases, medication can help if used early enough.

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