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How to maintain healthy hair in the summer?

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The hot summer weather is harmful in many ways, not only to our skin but also to our hair. We often take precautions to protect our skin from the summer heat, but we neglect to care for our hair. Don’t forget your hair is equally affected by the hot sun in summer. The heat causes weathering and oxidative damage to the hair, making it dry, fragile, and weak.

In this article, our experts at Best Hair Transplant Clinic clearly explain the effects of the hot summer weather on your hair and the preventive steps to keep your hair healthy in summer.

How Does the Summer Sun Affect Your Hair?

  • The UV rays from the sun penetrate the hair cuticles and make your hair dry and brittle.
  • If the UV rays reach the cortex layer, it results in pigmentation and protein degradation.
  • The high humidity in summer turns your hair lifeless and limp. 
  • You may experience more sweat and dust in summer, which causes hair problems like dandruff, split ends, and frizziness, leading to hair fall.
  • Summer heat can make your scalp dry, and you might be aware that a dry scalp can damage your hair roots.
  • You may observe some people’s hair looks a tad lighter during summer. This is because melanin(the natural pigment that gives colour to your hair) is also affected by UV rays.

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So it is essential to avoid overexposure of your hair to the hot sun. Take necessary precautions to protect your hair if you want to go out in summer. 

Here are some tips you need to follow to maintain healthy hair in summer.

Cover Your Hair !

When you step out in hot summer weather, cover your hair with a scarf or hat or use an umbrella to cover your head. It provides extra protection from harmful UV radiation and retains moisture in the scalp. 

Trim your hair ! 

Many of you don’t know that hair grows faster in summer. Men generally opt for extremely short summer cutting. However, some men maintain long stylish hair. Most women always have long hair; they don’t opt for short hair. In summer, you will tend to get split ends and dry tips to your hair. We suggest opting for at least a small trim to take care of the split and dry ends and bring life back to your hair. 

Use a Conditioner !

The extreme heat from the sun dries out your hair generally. So try to restore some moisture with the help of good conditioners. Don’t forget to get conditioners that suit your hair type and texture. For advice, visit or call the Best Hair Sure Hair Transplant Centre In Hyderabad

Don’t Use Shampoo Too Much !

Shampooing your hair daily will cause more harm to your hair than good. Shampooing too much can make your scalp and hair dry even more. If you have more sweat on your scalp, and if your hair tends to sweat easily, do mild shampoo, which is good for summer weather.

Swimming !

Avoid swimming in pools with saltwater and chemicals if possible. If you want to go swimming, don’t forget to keep a leave-in conditioner on your hair and cover your hair with a swimming cap. A study revealed that the chlorine water in pools and UV rays from the sun significantly changes your hair colour. So do a head bath with pure water after swimming as soon as possible. 

Avoid hot tools!

Give a break to your hair from blow dryers, flat and curling irons, especially in summer. It is also recommended to wash your hair during nighttime and pile it up like a braid or ponytail when you go to bed. It will give you a nice look when you wake up in the morning. If you never tried, try it now once.
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Control Frizz!

The heat of the summer sun makes your hair more dry and frizzy. Maintaining healthy hair is the best defence against your hair becoming too frizzy. Tie up your hair in different styles, as ponytails, knots, and buns can. They protect your hair from frizz and also reduce sweating. Along with regular protective measures you take, also try an anti-frizz oil or serum, which helps to make your hair smooth and shining.

Drink More Fluids!

Even though you follow all the above precautions to protect your hair from the sun, you will not achieve anything if you do not drink adequate fluids. Take more liquids and veggies, which will help you in keeping your hair hydrated and healthy. Including fresh fruits and vegetables in your regular diet protects not only your hair but also your general health in the summer. This is an important hair care tip that everyone should follow in summer for healthy hair.

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