How is Failed Hair Transplant Corrected?

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Stress and lifestyle issues are causing people to lose more hair than ever. Hair is one of the most important aspects of a person’s overall appearance and personality. Unfortunately, several people feel embarrassed and frustrated when they lose their hair at an early age or even in their forties. Therefore, many people choose hair transplant surgery as a long-term treatment for hair loss.

Many patients get anxious, especially before cosmetic surgery, such as a hair transplant. There is every possibility that you get dissatisfied with the results of the hair transplant. Performing hair transplants in a hospital with the necessary physical conditions requires expertise and specialized equipment. There are many factorial reasons for the failure of hair transplants, for instance:

  • Inexperienced surgeon
  • Inadequate post-surgical care
  • Clinical dishonesty
  • Not suitable for hair transplant
  • Unrealistic look after hair transplant
  • Poor hairline
  • Appearance of scarring

Correction of failed hair transplant

As there is a solution for every problem, likewise for any failed hair transplant, there are several solutions for re-correcting. Firstly, the doctor goes through the medical history of the hair transplant then, finds the reasons for the failure of the transplant, and then traces the solution for the correction. 

  • Hairline correction: Inexpert and untrained hands can lead to a messy hairline design that looks unnatural. Also, if the implanted hair does not match the face cut, for instance, straight lines too high, this shows the forehead too much. Likewise, low-lying hair implants also look very unnatural and ill-fitted.
  • Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP): It has become one of the fastest-growing hair treatments because almost everyone is a good reviewer. SMP is good for men and women at any age of hair loss. After the failure of a hair transplant, the person can opt 

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for other re-correction procedures, including SMP. The main aim of this procedure is to add density. It replicates the appearance of natural hair follicles by injecting natural pigments through the epidermal layer of the scalp via a needle. 

  • Increasing density with the available grafts: This technique is followed mostly by the extremely proficient surgeon using more grafts to increase hair density along the hairline by placing hair follicles ranging from 30 to 60 per square centimetre. Yes, this procedure shows the best results for the re-correction of hair transplantation. 
  • Correction of the previous scarring: Correction of the previous scarring is done by grafting the individual hair follicles using donor hair from other body areas. With this method, the previous scar tissues are hidden.
  • Graft excision consists of four steps: Larger grafts are removed from the recipient area with a punch. The holes created by the removal of the grafts are closed with stitches. Under stereo microscopes, the plugs are carefully dissected into individual follicular units.
  • Hair camouflaging: This procedure is especially for those who have previously experienced poor hair restoration results. A hair transplant surgeon carefully places hair grafts around the uneven parts of the hairline. The distribution of the grafts will be alternated to hide the plugs and improve the overall hair density along the hairline. The number of grafts needed varies from patient to patient based on their needs.
  • Scar fixation: In this procedure, the hair follicles are extracted from the back side of the scalp and grafted individually with a micro punch tool. Each extraction leaves a tiny round scar, up to 1 millimetre in diameter.

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  • Scalp surgery: A surgeon removes a small area of ​​balding skin from the scalp during this procedure. They loosen the nearby skin that contains the hair and pull it over the bald area. Then, they stitch it in place. Scalp reduction is good for bald areas on the top and back of the head. These sections are usually surrounded by hairy skin.

The main causes for the failure of a hair transplant are stress, poor diet, drugs and smoking. Therefore, the patient should take proper precautions after the hair transplant surgery

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