Hair transplantation Checklist: Questions You Need to Ask Your Surgeon

Hair Transplantation Checklist Questions You Need To Ask Your Surgeon

For a better understanding of the surgical procedure and to ensure the best results, ask your hair transplant surgeon a few questions before undergoing surgery. The success of hair transplant surgery has dramatically increased due to significant advancements in this field. The procedure comprises carefully selecting hair grafts from the donor location for their strong hair roots and then removing them to be transplanted to the desired bald place.

Although the strategy seems simple, it requires careful planning during the initial visit to implement it successfully. Most individuals visit Best Hairsure Hair Transplant Clinic for excellent advice and to get their hair transplants done professionally. Dr V. Shashi Kanth, Hair Transplant Surgeon, believes in maintaining transparency and giving a complete picture to the patients of what they can expect from hair transplantation, allowing them to make wise decisions.

Because hair transplants in India are so inexpensive, many clinics cut corners to increase profits, which impacts the outcomes. However, the Hairsure hair transplant clinic specialises in its services and charges an affordable fee even for high-standard services. We have the best hair transplant surgeons in Hyderabad with immense hairline design experience. We believe in perfection; hence we hire the best and most skilled surgeons to perform hair transplants.

Before moving forward with the operation, you must understand the answers to a few common questions that practically most patients enquire during their initial appointment. 

They are as follows:

During the initial appointment, will we speak with a hair transplant surgeon or another professional?

To save costs, most clinics today hire inexperienced professionals regularly for initial discussions with patients, which may impede the evaluation and other areas of decision-making. Knowing that the person taking your initial consultation is a qualified hair transplant surgeon is essential.

What qualifications are necessary for a hair transplant surgeon?

Only trichologists or highly specialised cosmetic surgeons who have received regulatory agency approval to perform hair transplant treatments are permitted. Through the internet, in today’s world, you can effortlessly search for any hair transplant surgeon’s credentials. If you want to make sure, you can confirm them by looking at their profile. 

How painful is the process of getting a hair transplant?

The hair transplantation procedure is minimally invasive and is performed under local anaesthesia. The anaesthetic we use makes the procedure completely painless. HairSure Clinic has qualified and experienced anaesthetic agents to ensure patient comfort during the treatment.

Will the results be durable and give a realistic look?

The results of hair transplantation are permanent, but only if they are performed by a trained professional. The grafts will be extracted exclusively from strong locations by skilled surgeons who can make wise selections, assuring their permanence.

The surgeon must possess the extraordinary artistic talent to design a hairline that closely mimics the natural one while remaining unnoticeable to others to produce outcomes that look natural. Photos and reviews from previous cases can help you verify this.

How long has your hair transplantation team been in the profession?

Hair transplantation requires a team effort, so all the doctors in the entire team must be skilled to perform a successful surgery. Ask explicitly how many individuals will perform the procedure and how experienced the surgical team is.

Are high-resolution microscopes used during the procedure?

Each phase of the hair transplant procedure should be carried out under high magnification to prevent damage to the follicular grafts. Because these hair follicles are so small that they cannot see with the naked eye, high-end microscopes with greater magnification are used for thorough observation and handling. At HairSure Clinic, we use highly magnified microscopes to minimise the graft damage rate to less than 1%.

For a hair transplant, how many grafts will I need?

The number of grafts needed for hair transplantation is different for every patient. It depends on factors like the thickness you need, the level of baldness, available grafts, skin elasticity around the donor, donor area hair density, and the patient’s financial situation etc. All of them are considered and analysed in the first place before starting the procedure.

When will I see the results?

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, hair transplantation does not produce immediate results, and patients may need to wait a few months to see results. You should be able to see the full growth of your hair after a year.

You may get in touch with one of our experts at Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Hyderabad if you have any more inquiries regarding hair transplantation. Call 040 49540202 / 8331020202 to book your consultation.

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