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Men and women who are experiencing hair loss, baldness, and thinning of hair may have thought about hair transplantation at one point or another, but only a few people undergo this treatment. Recent research shows that the hair transplantations are increasing, but still many have misconceptions about FUE procedure. These myths prevent many from taking the first step in restoring their hair and self-esteem.

Nowadays, FUE hair transplantation is developing into a serious and successful industry. With continued population growth, the rate of baldness is also increasing, and as a result, the FUE transplant clinics are also increasing in numbers. With sudden growth, it isn’t very easy to distinguish between facts and myths for people.

Read on this article provided by Best Hair Transplant Clinic which gives some common myths and counter facts for FUE hair transplants.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic experienced doctors do the FUE transplant procedure to restore your hairline and growth and achieve results that look natural and lasting. And because there are no scars signs and no stitches, your donor area will heal in just a few days.

Let’s examine some common myths about FUE:

hair transplant common Myths and Facts by Dr Sridhar Reddy Maxillofacial and Restoration Surgeons in Hyderabad in Hyderabad

Myth: FUT is a better technique than FUE
Fact: We offer both methods in our clinic because each method has unique and specific advantages for patients. It depends on the patient as to what suits them.

Myth: There is a prevalent myth that success rate with FUE is low in women
Fact: With careful selection of hair, women can achieve desirable results. This theory applies to the extent that the development of baldness in women is even broader than in men.

Myth: Hair starts to grow immediately after FUE surgery.

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Fact: On the contrary, the truth is that after three weeks of surgery, most of the outer hair falls and only the roots grow. The final results are only seen after 9-12 months.

Myth: FUE Grafted hair falls out:
Fact: Some people think that the transplanted hair eventually grows and then falls out. But for your information, the transplanted hair grows, and lasts for a lifetime and does not fall. However, you need to understand the natural life cycle of the transplanted hair. Grafted hair falls 2-3 weeks after implantation. You have to wait for 9-12 months to get the best results.

Myth: No hair wash after an FUE transplant.
Fact: You can usually wash your hair with shampoo after a few days of transplant surgery. The head area must be cleaned regularly to avoid infection. Using a good shampoo will be the best choice for your scalp.

Myth: The patient feels that many precautions must be followed, for example, that they can never go into the sun in their life after FUE, no colouring, no cutting of hair.

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Fact: Hair can usually be cut, dyed, or styled after the first phase of the FUE hair transplant. It can be treated the same way as before surgery. It can be discussed at the FUE clinic before surgery. Regarding sun exposure, only for a few days avoid direct sunlight, later you can go in the sun as usual.

Myth: Level of pain during FUE surgery is high.

Fact: Almost every transplant procedure is performed under anaesthesia. This means that the person undergoing transplant does not experience any pain. A little inconvenience might occur, but most people enjoy watching a movie, reading a book, or even talking to coworkers when the process is complete. We pay special attention before giving anaesthesia, where we apply a special gel before anaesthesia and use a vibrator, which makes it challenging to distinguish procedures. Even after completing the procedure, there is little or no pain, only occasional discomfort or irritation that usually subsides over time.

Myth: After a certain age, FUE hair transplantation can no longer be done.

Fact: The fact is that the exact age of surgery at which the surgery should be performed is challenging to determine. Usually, 25-35 years old is considered an ideal age. There are also rare cases at an earlier age FUE transplants performed. It is because the extreme baldness problem is inherited.

Myth: After transplantation with FUE procedure does not grow.

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Fact: Hair for the transplant process is taken from your head. Every hair is pulled together with roots, which is why hair can grow. If the procedure is done correctly, you cannot distinguish whether the transplant has been done or not. Hair that is appropriately implanted grows like natural hair. You can cut and dye your hair like in a few weeks.

Myth: The results are always safe with FUE, no matter wherever you get it done:
Fact: No, the results depend entirely on where you are undergoing the procedure. If you decide to go to a clinic that has no real reputation and does not have an experienced doctor, you can be sure that you will be vulnerable to infection. However, if you choose a clinic that is reputable, well-equipped and has experienced doctors, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the results.

So to make this decision, it’s best to do your research beforehand, surf the web, talk to people who may have had hair transplants, and visit several clinics.

Myth: FUE Transplanted hair looks unnatural and fake.

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Fact: Roots are usually taken from the back of the head, where the growth is dense, and transferred to the affected area. Hair that grows from these roots after the procedure is your natural hair. Hair transplant results look natural.


These are the basic myths related to FUE transplant. Don’t jump into techniques without finding out if it’s right for you or not, get a second opinion if in doubt, take the trouble to visit the best clinic to get a second opinion..

Still in doubt? No need to worry, transparent and confidential advice from Best Hair Transplant Clinic hair restoration surgeons can assess the health of your hair and scalp. Doctors give you specific treatment options for surgical and non-surgical procedures to ensure peace of mind. Best Hair Transplant Clinic surgeons will carefully assess the donor area, check whether new hair on your scalp grows after treatment and matches the texture and quality of your existing hair, and then decides whether you are suitable for surgery or not.

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