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FUE Hair Transplant: Benefits

Know your FUE hair transplant benefits By Dr Sridhar Reddy, One of the best Hair Restoration treatment Specialists in Hyderabad

Hair Transplant has become synonymous to FUE surgery in these days. And it has good reasons. FUE surgery or Follicular Unit Excision,  hair transplant surgery is a process where individual hair follicles are extracted and planted in the hair loss area. Sounds very simple, right? Well, it is – as long as your hair is being handled by an expert. But yet then, you feel hesitant to go forward to get an FUE hair transplant. Is it because it is a ‘surgery’? Or is it because you fear of its success rate? Or are there other misconceptions which are holding you back? Well, if this is the case, let’s read about the benefits of FUE hair transplant. Let’s see if we can de-scare you and motivate you to take a step closer to flawless, dense hair.

Benefits Of FUE Hair Transplant

Benefits of FUE technique is manyfold. For a starter, it’s hardly a ‘surgery’ and it has a high success rate. Let’s go into detail.

FUE Hair Transplant Results

No Stitches Required

FUE process is a non-stitch technique in which the extracted hair follicular units are implanted in the hair loss area which increases hair density without any scars. Here they use a punch instrument, so there is no need of any stitches in the surgery.

Scars Are Invisible

In FUE technique small and round punches are made in the hair loss area. They leave a small dot-shaped scar unlike big linear scar in Strip method. FUE has an added advantage, where after the surgery the scars are relatively invisible even if you wear short hair.

Almost Painless 

During the surgery, local anaesthesia is used to minimise the pain. In this procedure, you bear a very less pain after the surgery as the slits made in the hair loss area are very minute. Typically, you don’t even need medication to minimise pain in this FUE technique. However, if you have any discomfort, the doctor will prescribe some kind of medication.

Fast Healing

The slits made while transplantation is very minute. It takes less time for the wounds to heal when compared to the linear scars made in the strip hair transplant. As no stitches and scalpels are used in the surgery, the wounds will heal within a few days in the donor area.

Natural-Looking Hairline

Natural-Looking Hairline

FUE hair transplant surgery guarantees you with a thick and a natural looking hairline. Doctors map the hairline and place the hair follicles in the hairless area which ultimately gives you a natural look.

High Success Rate

Hair transplant is always a successful procedure. As the FUE hair transplantation technique is the most advanced technology in the present scenario, the success rate is very high. With an experienced doctor, it is around 95%-98%.

Fewer Complications

FUE is quite a safe procedure. It has low-risk complications like minimal bleeding, infection, itching and bruising of the eyes etc. during and after the surgery.

Permanent solution

However, FUE technique is one of the permanent solutions for your hair loss or baldness, both men and women can undergo for FUE hair transplant method.

Who Can Go For FUE Surgery?

FUE Hair Restoration

  • Some people have a fear of cuts and stitches. These people can opt this non-stitching hair transplantation process.
  • People with a small area of baldness are recommended for FUE procedure.
  • Are you a diabetic patient? Blood sugar can be maintained with medication. You have to take medicines from one day before the surgery and three days after the procedure.
  • People with high blood pressure can also use some additional help if they opt for FUE. Before the procedure, doctors provide medications to regulate your blood pressure. After blood pressure levels are stabilized they will go on for transplantation procedure.

From the mid-2000’s FUE is the most trending procedure for hair transplantation process due to its success rate. If you are facing with hair loss problem, come down to our clinic, and meet our team of experts. We can provide you with the best solutions ever for your hair loss problem.

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