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Do I need to get blood tests before a hair transplant?

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Blood tests for Hair Transplants !!! Sounds strange, isn’t it, because hair transplant is widely regarded as a cosmetic procedure. Yes, it enhances the appearance of an individual and helps them achieve beautiful natural looking wavy hair. However, one must not forget that it is still a surgical procedure. Though it is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, complications could still occur. That is why it is necessary to undergo certain pre-operative procedures before the actual procedure.

As part of the pre-operative procedures, you will go through a preliminary health screening. Getting a medical check-up before a hair transplant determines your eligibility for the surgery. The tests are administered one day before the operation to give plenty of time to proceed with the procedure or reschedule.

This article will discuss what blood tests are done before a hair transplant and how the results can affect the procedure.

Pre-operative Screening for Hair Transplant
On your first visit to the hair transplant clinic, you will be asked routine questions about your general health. This questionnaire usually verifies if you suffer from any chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart related diseases. Blood-borne diseases are also enquired in the initial screening. Please bear in mind that patients with diabetes and blood pressure can get a hair transplant done. However, they should take their medications regularly and have good control of their conditions.

Due to a lack of proper knowledge, some patients hide their pre-existing medical conditions, or at times they don’t even know. This could lead to potentially harmful side effects after the surgery. Hence, please share all the information about your health beforehand. This way, the hair transplant specialist can make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the transplant or not?

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In case you are wondering, “What if I don’t know about my existing health conditions?”. Not to worry, you can get a medical check-up and share the results with us. Our experienced doctors will evaluate the results and determine the timing of your hair transplant.

Blood Tests Required for Hair Transplant
Hair transplant blood tests include:

  • Blood glucose test
  • HIV test
  • Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B tests.
  • Coagulation tests

Blood Glucose Test

Blood sugar test including (HbA1c) is often done to monitor the blood sugar levels. These tests indicate if the patient has diabetes or not. If the blood sugar levels are high, the hair transplant surgeon will re-direct you to your treating physician. With a physician’s help, you have to keep your sugar levels under control before having a hair transplant.

HIV test

HIV is essentially a virus that attacks the body’s immunity system and weakens its ability to fight infections, which leads to AIDS. HIV test is the common test done for hair transplant patients. If the patient is tested HIV positive, the hair transplant cannot be done since it puts the medical team at the risk of contracting the virus.

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Tests

Hepatitis B and C are severe viral infections that target the liver and are transmittable. The medical team might get the virus through a wide usage of needles and scalpels in a hair transplant. A positive result indicates that the patient is carrying the virus and is therefore not suitable for a hair transplant.

Coagulation tests 

Coagulation tests measure the time taken for blood to clot. For hair transplant, micro incisions are made on the scalp, which causes bleeding. So if the patient suffers from poor blood clotting, it may lead to serious problems like excessive bleeding. Hence, this test is also essential.

Measuring Blood Pressure

Before starting the operation, the patients’ blood pressure is measured. Suppose the blood pressure level should be normal. Operation is not done in both high or low BP cases. Sometimes before the operation, patients get tensed and cannot sleep properly. Usually, under such circumstances, the BP fluctuates. Patients with a history of blood pressure can still get a hair transplant if their physician approves and take regular medications to control BP before the operation.

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Other commonly done tests:-

  • In the present situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Covid-19 RTPCR test is done two days before the hair transplant.
  • ECG/EKG tests are also done in hypertensive patients or patients with known cardiac complaints.
  • Blood tests that determine the cause of hair loss are also done. These include:-
    • Serum iron/ferritin profile
    • Thyroid profile
    • Hormone tests.

Who is Not Eligible for Hair transplant?
Now that you have understood all about the blood tests required for hair transplant, it is very important to understand some patients are not suitable for the operation. For example, patients with heart-related problems or who had cardiac surgery of any kind are not suitable for hair transplants.

Also, those with kidney and liver failure are not a good match for hair transplants. This is due to the potential risks associated with anaesthesia, which puts their lives at risk.

The Cost of Hair Transplant Blood Tests
The packages already include the cost of blood tests. However, we advise that you get them done along with the hair transplant if you haven’t done any medical check-ups. This saves the cost. Since if you get the tests on your own, then it is expensive as those costs are not covered in the hair transplant package.

Do not ignore the importance of a medical check-up before a hair transplant. Understandably, you are very eager to undergo the hair transplant procedure and get beautiful looking hair. But in the case of pre-existing conditions, you might be risking your life. Contact our experts at 040 49540202 / 8331020202 and book an appointment, and all your queries will be happily answered.

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