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Covid-19 Precautions For Hair Transplant Patients

The COVID-19 Impact on Hair Transplant Operations Guidelines at Best Hair Transplant, One of the best female Hair loss treatment Clinics in Hyderabad

We are meeting after a long time since our clinic got closed because of the COVID 19 crisis on March 20, 2020. We have re-opened our clinic for skin, cosmetics and hair problems. Let’s look at what precautions we are taking for hair transplants during Covid-19.

According to government guidelines, we suspended all hair transplant procedures during the lockdown period. After the government approved elective surgery, we also started our hair transplant procedure. First of all, we would like to thank all our patients who patiently waited for the hair transplant procedure for two months.

As we all know, hair transplantation is a very time-consuming procedure and requires patience of the surgical team and patients. Every step involved in this procedure, such as making a slit, graft extraction, graft preservation, and implantation of the graft, requires utmost care.

With so many messages, it makes sense to worry about the new coronavirus (COVID-19). If you are healthy, you don’t have to cancel scheduled appointments. If you have flu-like symptoms, you should postpone your appointment.
Postpone your appointment in the following cases:-

  • If you or someone you contacted has recently travelled to a country with a severe COVID 19 outbreak (China, Italy, Iran, South Korea)
  • You went to other countries that have been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • You are a person in quarantine as a precaution, then wait 14 days before making the appointment.

It is essential to know that most people infected with coronavirus have flu-like symptoms and then recovers. Most people do not experience serious respiratory complications. The most vulnerable are the elderly and people with other underlying diseases. This article educates the readers about the precautions to be taken by hair transplant patients.

The clinic takes precautions for our patients at Cyber Hairsure Clinic:

Safety Tips guide for Hair Transplant during COVID-19 at Best Hair Transplant, One of the best Centres for Hair Restoration in Hyderabad

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Cyber Hairsure Clinic decided to implement strict safety protocols for hair transplantation. Let’s look at them:-

  • Hygiene and aseptic precautions when regulating OT: Regular fumigation of the operating room and lobby.
  • Installation of Hepa filter: The operating room has a HEPA filter to filter the air in the operating room, keeping the air clean throughout the procedure.
  • Patient selection: Before we accept patients for hair transplantation procedures, we ask if the patient has any symptoms of COVID-19, history of any overseas trips in the last one month, and history of any contact with COVID-positive patients.
  • All necessary tests get performed, and a certificate of conformity is taken from the patient.
  • As soon as the patient reaches us, screening is done, taking into account his body temperature.
  • Oxygen saturation is also checked because saturation is reduced in the case of the positive corona. Blood pressure is also measured.
  • The patient is then covered in sterile OT clothing. He must wear a mask during the whole procedure.
  • We ask our patients to rinse with Betadine every 2 hours to keep the mouth and throat clean.

Precautions given to hair transplant patients are:
Ultimate Prevention guide for Hair Transplant during COVID-19 period at Best Hair Transplant, One of the best Hair Restoration Surgery Clinics in Hyderabad

Here are some things you can do to keep yourself away from infection after hair transplant.

  • Avoid close contact with sick people.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Practice the cough etiquette. Sneeze and cough on the elbows or tissues, not on your hands, and wash your hands after coughing/sneezing.
  • Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that are sensitive to contact with household sprays or cleaning cloths.
  • Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap, especially after going to the toilet, before eating, after coughing/sneezing. Use 60% of alcohol sanitizer.
  • Avoid all crowded areas, including restaurants, bars and sports venues.
  • If COVID-19 is in your community, stay home as long as possible.
  • When you work, try working from home as much as you can.
  • Determine who can provide care when your caregiver is sick.
  • Avoid all trips for now.
  • Wear a face-covering cloth in public conditions where other acts of social distancing may be challenging to maintain.

Protocol for hair transplant staff during Covid-19 at Hairsue Clinic:
ISHRS Preventive Patients Care Hair Transplant Guidance by Dr Sirdhar Reddy, One of the best Hair Restoration surgeons in Hyderabad

  • The surgeon and all staff personnel get examined for COVID-19 symptoms, then only they are allowed to work in the hair transplant operating room.
  • Surgeons and surgical staff get examined out, taking into account their body temperature.
  • The entire surgical team is equipped with PPE during the procedure. These include surgical gowns, N 95 masks with three-layers, surgical masks with face shields and double gloves.
  • With all these precautions, we ensure that our patients receive the best care throughout the procedure.
  • In addition to these precautions, we need to follow all the steps of the operation carefully because we have done it for years to give our patients the best results in hair transplantation.

At Cyber Hairsure Clinic we strive to do our best and to ensure the highest standards for our patients and staff.

What are the guidelines for patients before and after transplantation?
Ultimate COVID Prevention guide for hair Transplant at Best Hair Transplant, One of the best Hair Restoration Surgery Clinics in Hyderabad

In addition to guidelines for the general CDC population, we recommend that both patients (pre and post) avoid overcrowded areas. It is also recommended that all patients try to stay at home as long as possible and frequently wash their hands with soap and water or alcohol-based disinfectants.
If you feel unwell, contact your transplant surgeons for further instructions. Please refer to the guidelines on the IHRS International Hair Restoration website, which is also updated regularly.


Your health is important to us at Cyber Hairsure Clinic. That is why infection control procedures are always used in our office. Due to the new coronavirus, we want to assure you that the infection control procedures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been and will be implemented in our office.

All of the following procedures are steps that we always use to prepare and treat patients. Before entering the work area, all surfaces such as maintenance chairs, maintenance lamps, tables, worktops, drawer handles, light switches etc. are cleaned and disinfected. Disposable items are cleaned and sterilized among patients. Consumables and disposable needles are never reused.

If you would like to enquire about hair transplant and precautions followed during COVID 19 contact Cyber Hairsure Clinic at 040 49540202 / 8331020202 or book your appointment online.

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