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Best Tips to Avoid Hair Damage From Heat Styling

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It’s great to have heat styling tools that give your hair the perfect look. But, sadly, these heat styling tools can make your hair dry and fried or tangled. The following information will help you minimize damage caused by heat styling.

Using tongs, flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers in moderation can help you create fabulous hairstyles for any occasion. However, it would help if you remembered that these heat styling tools give you the desired look at the cost of your hair’s health. Frequent usage of these tools makes your hair dry and causes breakage. If you love using these hairstyling tools, you should learn how to use them and protect your hair.

What happens when you use heat styling tools?

Our hair consists of keratin proteins & hydrogen bonds. The use of heat styling tools like curling & flat irons or blow dryers drains the natural oils and proteins from your hair by breaking down the hydrogen bonds. This is the reason how your heat styling tools can give you the stylish look you want. They will alter the hair texture to obtain straightness, curliness, or sleekness.

Due to the overuse of various heat styling tools, the hair damaged is often referred to as “bubble hair.” The term is derived from the theory that the length of each hair strand contains voids filled with air. When heat is applied frequently, these bubbles form in the hair, causing irregular textures, and the strands become more vulnerable to breakage.

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We do not think you should remove heat styling tools altogether – they can give you a hairstyle that you can not achieve in any other way! But we suggest you have to be careful about how you preserve your hair while using these heat styling tools.

The ideal way to heat style your hair

Here are some tips that can help you to protect your hair while you use heat styling tools.

Use a straightener or flat iron only when your hair is dry

This is very crucial to keep your hair healthy. The most common cause of “bubble hair” is flat or curling iron tools on damp hair.

Since heat can break down the protective hydrogen bonds of the hair, applying intense heat from a curling iron and straightening iron tools can cause hair damage. In addition, heat styling destroys the hair’s hydrogen bonds, so using a straightening or curling iron at high temperatures is very harmful. 

It is best to wait until your hair is dry before using an iron, or you can use a blower to dry it on a low setting to speed up this process. If you do not follow this advice, you might damage your hair strands.

Adjust the temperature

Depending on the thickness and texture of your hair, adjust the temperature of your heat styling tool. For example, you may need to set it to a higher temperature if you have thick or curly hair to obtain the desired look. Conversely, you should use a lower heat setting if you have thin or fine hair because a higher setting can burn it.

The best way to style your hair is to go with your natural hair texture. And start with a low heat setting and raise the temperature if you need to.

Look for good tools

You do not have to invest in the best tools on the market, but you have to stick to some basic requirements when choosing your heat tools.

  • When choosing a flat iron or straightener, look for one that has top-quality plates and has multiple temperature settings.
  • Like flat irons, choose curling tongs with varying temperature controls. Curling irons come in many types. Pick one, depending on your desired curl size and shape. Small barrels will produce small & tighter curls, whereas larger barrels create looser waves. 
  • Look for blow dryers with a nozzle attachment because they can distribute heat more evenly. It is often recommended to purchase a salon-quality hairdryer since they usually have a much stronger airflow than lower-quality blow dryers.

Protect before you style

Before using heat on your hair, it is essential to protect it. Many hair care products are available on the market to use with heat styling tools. Look for hair care products that contain silicone because it acts as a protective layer for your hair. Better to consult a professional to suggest the best hair care products that suit your hair texture.

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Air dry if possible

Occasionally, it’s better to keep it natural! Your hair may require a break occasionally from heat styling, just like your face needs occasional time away from cosmetics. When you air-dry your hair, apply a texturizing spray or mousse so that you can get more shape and volume to your style. If your hair is thick or long, and you fear leaving home with wet hair, then try washing it overnight. Your hair will be able to dry overnight and settle.

The best possible way to avoid hair damage from heat styling tools is prevention. Try using them only on special occasions. If you’re addicted to heat styling, you should learn the tips to protect your hair and take a little extra care, using a strengthening shampoo and conditioner. It’s never too late to improve your hair’s health, even if your hair already suffered damage from heat styling.

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