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Hair Sure was established in 2009 at the heart of Hyderabad. With a wide range of services and the best hair transplant surgeons, we have grown into the top most Hair Transplant clinic near Madhapur, Hyderabad. 

We have an excellent team for hair restoration and the best hair treatment methods that shorten the duration of hair transplant treatments and produce significantly more effective results. Our group of top hair transplant doctors in Hyderabad offers individual consultations and advises you on the most recent hair transplant procedures suitable for your requirements. In addition, they offer extensive medical assistance before, during, and after the hair transplant surgery in Hyderabad based on each stage of your treatment. You are, therefore, in good and safe hands.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeons Near Madhapur, Hyderabad are :

Dr Ravichander Rao

MS, M.Ch. Plastic Surgery (NIMS), Member ISHRS (USA)

Well-known plastic surgeon Dr Ravi Chander Rao is particularly interested in hair transplant surgery. In 1999, he completed his MBBS at MRMC, Gulbarga. Subsequently began working as an intern at Gandhi Medical College in 2000 before pursuing his MS in General Surgery at JJMMC, Davangere, in 2004. Dr Ravichander was recognized as the “Best Outgoing Student” because he has consistently been a bright student.

At the most famous Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad, he completed his MCh Plastic Surgery after beginning his medical career there as a Registrar. After achieving academic and professional success, his interest in plastic surgery led him to work with a group of skilled plastic surgeons who shared his goals and motivations. Since then, there has been no turning back, and he has added new perspectives to the field of cosmetic surgery with his knowledge. Ravi Chander is well-versed in recent microsurgery and plastic & cosmetic surgery developments. Over the years of his work, he became interested in hair transplant surgery and is ranked as the top hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad.

Dr Shashi Kanth, MDS, MAHRS, AAHRS

Facio Maxillary & Hair Transplant Surgeon Member: Ameri

Maxillofacial and hair transplant surgeon Dr.V. Shashi Kanth is board-certified and has years of experience in India. He is passionate about sharing his experiences with his students and likes to educate them. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery. He completed his post-graduate studies at Bapuji College in Davanagere, a reputable institution for medical education.

He has received considerable training in hair transplantation techniques, and the quality of his work is on par with the most recent methods used in hair transplant operations around the world. He is a renowned expert in body hair transplant (BHT), closure, and creating Natural Hairlines following the customer’s needs. His ability to relate to his patients and make them feel at ease when learning about their treatment plans is a strength. He has had a lot of relevant experience for over 11 years.

Dr Sridhar Reddy, MDS, MAHRS, AAAM (USA)

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Dr Sridhar Reddy is a straightforward individual whose goal is to assist those who require assistance in looking more presentable by providing aesthetic treatments. In Hyderabad’s Government Osmania Hospital’s Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, he has been a professor of surgery for some time. With years of experience in the area and a keen interest in hair transplant surgery, Dr Sridhar Reddy is one of Hyderabad’s most in-demand maxillofacial and cosmetic surgeons.

Dr Sridhar Reddy received his post-graduate training in maxillofacial surgery from a renowned Mangalore university. He also completed extensive training in FUT and FUE hair transplant surgery at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. In addition, he received his training from internationally recognized and highly experienced hair transplant physician Dr Marc Dauer.

Dr P. Praveen Reddy, MDS, MAHRS

The expert maxillofacial and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad is Dr Praveen Reddy. He received comprehensive training from numerous seasoned hair transplant specialists in India. Dr Praveen specializes in several hair transplantation methods, particularly body hair transplant (BHT). His most recent developments in hair transplant surgery are up to date.

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He has been in practice for over ten years and has successfully treated many patients with hair transplants, bringing smiles to them. In addition, he has effectively grafted natural-looking hairlines which have encouraged more individuals to search for him specially. He is one of the most humble medical experts and believes he has more to offer his patients than just excellent outcomes.

Dr Praveen is dedicated to spreading knowledge about hair transplant surgery worldwide. He works with local, national, and international organizations to promote the value and significance of hair treatments.

Patients receive unmatched services from Cyber HairSure because we are dedicated to this philosophy. At Cyber HairSure Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic, we promise to expertly address your hair-related worries and leave you with grins that won’t ever flinch. So walk into Cyber HairSure and return with the look you wished for.

The individualized care we give to each patient who comes to us for help makes us unique. By combining our expertise and skills acquired over the years, we can provide customized treatments as a form of art. As a result, some of our grateful clients have listed Cyber HairSure as one of India’s top hair transplant clinics.

We at Cyber HairSure, are committed to providing matchless services to all our patients. All your concerns regarding hair problems can be flawlessly sorted at Cyber HairSure Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic, guaranteeing that you will be left with smiles that won’t fall again. Walk into Cyber HairSure and walk back with the look that you desire. Call 040 49540202 / 8331020202 or email us at to book your consultation. Visit our website, Hair Transplant Clinic, to know more.

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