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All You Need To Know About Eyebrow Hair Transplant

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If you thought hair loss is only about losing hair from the scalp, then guess what, that’s not true. Many people lose hair from different parts of their body, but what seems to be the most worrisome is loss of facial hair. One such type of hair loss is related to the eyebrows.

Eyebrows, in particular, are an essential part of your face, that define our appearance. Unfortunately enough many people tend to lose hair, either by accident or possibly due to a medical or genetic condition in them. Fortunately, the procedure of eyebrow hair transplant is readily available today to solve this problem and help restore the lost beauty of one’s face.

Before And After Eyebrow Hair Transplant

But as this procedure is still getting familiar among people, many would like to solve their eyebrow problems with such a treatment but could tend to get sceptical about it. Hence we are mentioning five essential things to understand before you opt for an eyebrow transplant procedure. These are based on the questions many people commonly have regarding this procedure.

Eyebrows will look natural

Firstly, an eyebrow hair transplant procedure is not a simple process by any means. There are multiple steps involved before a surgeon will begin the procedure, and among these steps are the design part, and a projection to the patient as to how it may look after the process. Surgeons will usually ask for preference from patients on the way it’s supposed to look; as well as encourage to suggest their ideas. However, with the procedure and the quality involved, the eyebrows transplant procedure is designed in a way that they look entirely natural after the process is completed.

What To Do After It?

Every clinical procedure might have certain drawbacks, one of those with eyebrow hair transplant comes in the way of regularly needing to trim the eyebrows after the process. This is because the transplanted hair is taken from another donor site of the body, while they are not natural eyebrow hair. On the other hand, doctors also refrain from using other eyebrow hair because they could have damaging effects on the other healthy hair there, as well as have consequences on the overall surgery.

Side Effects of Procedure

Are there any side effects to the procedure?

Side effects of an eyebrow hair transplant, although rarely is the case that the hair does not grow in the transplanted area. This is possible if there is trauma to the healthy hair. Other issues that again is rare, but quite likely, like abnormal hair growth, or in the wrong direction or change in colour than initially expected etc. Patients conducting their procedure from a top quality surgeon will not face such issues, and it all depends on the quality of the entire hair transplant procedure.

When do patients resume normal activities?

Regular activities in the sense of taking a shower and laying the guard down on protecting the affected area from various elements etc. This period is usually between 1-7 days, depending on the procedure itself. However, surgeons also recommend some other form of care after for instance washing or taking a shower, like massaging the affected area slowly and avoid rubbing or picking as they could cause mechanical trauma.


When will the final result be visible?

Ideally, after an eyebrow transplant surgery, hair will begin to grow in three months after the procedure. Ideally for patients to see the full result of the process, it takes between nine to twelve months.

As much as hair transplant is trusted by many these days, an eyebrow hair transplant, done by the right surgeon in the best possible facility could have glowing results on people. Eyebrows are an essential part of our face that defines how we look. For most parts, an eyebrow hair transplant procedure is safe and will help achieve the desired results to solve the problems with lost hair in the eyebrows.


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