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A Guide to Hair Transplantation After 50 Years of Age

A Guide To Hair Transplantation After 50 Years Of Age

Older men with hair loss problems can rest assured that their age does not prevent them from receiving hair transplant surgery. In many cases, men suffering from hair loss are not “too old” to consider hair transplants.

Men over 50 can generally expect amazing outcomes from their first hair transplant. Men who think of hair transplantation late in life can anticipate excellent results, even in their 70s and older.

The Right Time for Hair Transplantation

Men’s hair loss can occur at any age, from the teenage years to the 40s and 50s. When men begin to experience progressive hair loss, some may seek early treatment and continue the regimen. A hair restoration expert can help you maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance with early and continuous treatment.

Some men admit their baldness is a natural occurrence and don’t go for any treatment.

Baldness that occurs later in life, or hair loss that changes a man’s life, might deserve hair transplantation even after age 50. For example, in this modern society, it is very common and necessary for a man to change careers, even at age 50 or older. In a society emphasising young appearances, a man may be encouraged to keep his appearance youthful. Some men may think they simply want to prevent the appearance of a balding man. A man can benefit from hair restoration in any of these instances.

Men aged 50 and above who want hair transplantation for the first time should discuss several points with the hair restoration specialist before the procedure. These include:

Ideally, hair transplants should fix hair loss problems according to age. Unfortunately, the hair restoration goals of most older men are modest; they may not want to have full, thick hair that looks like a young man; they want to improve their aesthetic appearance by covering baldness. Therefore, the possible outcomes of hair restoration goals must be discussed frankly and agreed upon with the surgeon.

The quantity of hair in the donor area plays a dominant role in determining the achievable hair transplantation goals. Less donor hair means a lower number of hair grafts for transplantation. In some cases of hair transplantation in older men, the transplantation may be possible only once if progressive hair loss damages continuously the area that supplies the donor’s hair. 

However, the patient can trust the outcome of a hair transplant to achieve their desired look, even if it is a one-time process. Due to a shortage of available donor hair, hair transplant experts may advise avoiding hair transplantation. If the doctor says that the results may not be favourable, you should respect the suggestion against transplantation and try other alternatives like wigs.  

It is typically possible for older men to restore their frontal hairline by strategically placing a handful of hair grafts beyond the hairline to give a fuller appearance. This strategy aims to take advantage of the human eye’s inability to perceive a difference between hair densities.

The strategy of “less is more” is generally used by skilled and experienced hair transplant specialists due to its high success rate. However, there should be a transparent discussion between the patient and the doctor, and they should agree on a mutually acceptable hair restoration goal.

Hair Transplantation and Physical Restrictions in 50+ Men

Some men aged 50 or older might suffer from chronic health problems that must be considered before any surgical procedure, including hair transplant surgery. Ignoring such conditions increases the risk of complications. People with health problems like heart disease, kidney failure, liver failure, diabetes, etc., might not be suitable candidates for hair transplant surgery. Before the surgery, an experienced hair restoration expert evaluates your current health status and even consults other experts if necessary to ensure the surgery is safe.

To obtain the best results, the patient must inform the surgeon about his medical conditions and any medications he is using. For more detailed information or if you are 50+ and want to undergo hair transplantation, consult our expert hair transplant experts at Best Hair Sure Clinic in Hyderabad. Call 040 49540202 / 8331020202 to book an appointment with our hair loss treatment experts in Hyderabad.

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