5 Myths and Facts About Women’s Hair Transplants

5 Myths And Facts About Women's Hair Transplants

The beauty of a person’s personality is enhanced by his or her hair. Hair transplant treatment has undergone several innovations with the introduction of advanced technology in the cosmetic industry. A hair transplant may be an option for you if you suffer from hair loss. Different types of hair transplant procedures are available. Many false notions surround hair transplants, despite their consistent success and life-changing impacts on patients who choose this option. There are many myths about hair transplantation that prevent many people, especially women, from seeking this remarkable solution for their hair loss and baldness.

In this blog, our hair transplant experts have debunked some of the popular myths about women’s hair transplants to help you know the right facts so that you can make the perfect decision.

Myth: Hair transplants are not for women; they are only for men.

Fact: Hair loss is more common in men and is often called “male pattern baldness.” Many women believe that hair transplantation can be performed only for men; they can’t undergo this procedure. However, it’s a myth; the fact is that women can also undergo hair transplant procedures, even with a different pattern of baldness and the possibility of graft extraction without trimming or shaving head unlike compared to men. Getting a hair transplant is an excellent option for women as the results are promising.

Myth: Female hair transplantation is not successful.

Fact: Hair loss often has a more severe psychological impact on women than on men because they think they can never regrow their lost hair. But the advancements in modern hair transplantation have changed everything, allowing successful hair restoration even in cases of female alopecia that failed with older treatment techniques.

The female hair transplant can restore hair to its former glory for women who suffer from hair loss and desire to regain their hair. Hair transplants are a popular choice for people with pattern baldness since they are permanent treatments.

Myth: Female hair transplants are temporary.

Fact: Transplanting hair is an option for people whose hair is visibly thinning. The hair transplant results are permanent for either men or women because the procedure can’t be undone.

A hair transplant usually lasts for the rest of your life. The procedures are intended to be permanent, and in rare cases, people might need a revision hair transplant procedure. The new and improved shape of your hairline will be visible immediately following your hair transplant.

Myth: Your hair growth should be assisted with medication after transplantation.

Fact: The transplanted hair grafts are permanent, and there’s no need to take any special medication to assist hair growth after the procedure. That means no requirement for special shampoos or ointments. You have to follow the instructions of your hair transplant surgeon. However, if you have used any hair growth medication in the past that has shown positive results, you may likely continue using them for the sake of non-transplanted hairs. Once again, hair transplants do not require any assistance to grow at first or in the future.

Myth: Female hair transplants won’t last long.

Fact: Over the years, hair transplantation has become one of the most successful ways to regrow lost hair. The transplanted hair is permanent, which means it lasts for life if you take proper care of it. Following hair transplant surgery, a patient is generally not prone to recurrent pattern baldness. This is because the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken from the strong donor area, i.e., the back and sides of your head, where there is less chance of hair fall. In some cases, the transplanted hair may thin over time.

Myth: Female hair transplants are more costly than male ones.

Fact:  Women have the same hair transplant options as men. The surgeon decides whether to perform follicular unit extraction(FUE) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) based on many factors to achieve the desired results.

The female hair transplantation cost in Hyderabad is no different from male hair transplantation, almost the same and mainly depends on the total number of grafts the patient requires. The average cost of a female hair transplant per graft is around Rs. 70 to Rs. 150, and it depends on many factors.

There are many other myths about female hair transplantation. If any woman suffers from hair loss and if any questions bother regarding hair transplantation, don’t hesitate to consult a hair transplant surgeon. You might be an ideal candidate for hair transplantation, even if you are male. To know more about female treatment options, consult our best hair transplant doctors at Hairsure, Hitec City, Hyderabad on 040 49540202 / 8331020202. Book your appointment right away.

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