What Are The Precautions To Be Taken Before Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Hair transplant is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, but it is still a medical procedure. What people often don’t realize is that most hair transplant “surgeons” are not surgeons in the traditional sense. Most of these doctors have little surgical training or experience in the operating room, meaning that safety precautions are less of a priority during transplantation.

Hair transplant is cosmetic surgery. This is an optional procedure and does not pose an emergency after hair transplant. This is why it’s essential to plan it properly to get the results you want. Start by finding a good hair transplant clinic with experienced hair transplant surgeons and a qualified hair transplant team. We at Cyber Hairsure Clinic see the hair transplant procedure as surgery and do it that way with experienced surgeons.

Nowadays, we are all very familiar with hair transplantation. Everyone knows what precautions should be taken after hair transplant. But ignore or confuse the pre-transplant hair precautions that need to be taken. Don’t worry; Cyber Hairsure Clinic will be happy to help you understand the precautions to take before hair transplant. Let us see this article for What are the precautions to be taken before Hair Transplant Surgery? 

Precautions to be taken before Hair Transplant surgery
Eight Safety Precautions to Look For Before a Hair Transplant by Dr Sridhar Reddy, One of the best hair restoration surgeons in Hyderabad

If you are planning to have a hair transplant, you need to take minimal precautions. The list of precautions or tasks to take before a hair transplant is not very extensive. The steps are simple, and you don’t have to worry too much. To help prevent infection and keep the process running smoothly, patients should ask their doctor for precautions.  

One to two weeks before hair transplant:

  • Stop using the following medicines a week before hair transplant as they may increase bleeding during the procedure. You can continue it two days after the process.
    • Aspirin
    • Anti-inflammatory drugs
    • Vitamin B or E.
    • Blood thinners
    • Ibuprofen
    • Natural medicine
  • If you are taking Vitamin E or Plavix, Coumadin or MAOI antidepressants, you should contact us as hair transplant is not possible while using these drugs.
  • Smoking narrows blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the scalp, mainly due to its nicotine content. Carbon monoxide in smoke decreases the oxygen capacity of the blood. These factors can lead to poor recovery after the procedure. You shouldn’t smoke for at least a week after the procedure.
  • Alcohol consumption should be stopped 72 hours before surgery, stopped and avoided two weeks before and three weeks after surgery.
  • Tell your doctor about any medications you are taking or any conditions that could affect surgery, such as allergies, blood clotting disorders, sleep disorders, asthma, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, diabetes and psoriasis, history of keloids or other chronic diseases.
  • Consult your doctor before taking the prescribed medication one day before hair transplant. If you are taking finasteride or Propecia, you can continue your dose as usual. Minoxidil or Rogaine should be stopped one day before the procedure and continued after two weeks.
  • You don’t need to shave your hair before coming. For patients with FUE, the clinic shaves on the morning of the procedure. For those from FUT or FUE, it is best not to cut their hair for at least two weeks before the process so that the donor hair strands are well concealed.

In the morning of your procedure
Advanced hair transplantation techniques at Best Hair Transplant, One of the best Centres for hair restoration in Hyderabad

  • Bath in the morning of the procedure and wash your hair very thoroughly with ordinary shampoo. Do not use styling products, dyes, gels, and hair sprays. If you are wearing hair extensions, wigs or other products, please remove them before washing and do not put them on again until after surgery.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting pants and an open-front shirt with buttons or zippers. It is important not to wear clothes that must be worn over your head. This will prevent the graft from moving immediately after surgery.
  • Breakfast in the morning procedure and drink lots of water. If required, the clinic offers lunch and snacks.
  • Although hair transplants are performed under local anaesthesia, to keep you calm, you will be given a mild sedative. It will make you sleepy. Therefore, you cannot go home after a hair transplant.
  • The operation lasts all day, do not participate in other activities during the day.

Precautions to be observed in the Clinic before Surgery
Pre-Operative Safety Measures Preparation at Best hair transplant, One of the best Hair loss treatment Clinics in Hyderabad

  • The clinic room should be clean and hygienic, and all equipment, such as lamp handles and operating chairs, should be provided with protective covers.
  • All surgical instruments must be sterilized and closed before the procedure.
  • Doctors and team members must wear protective gear during the procedure. Protective equipment includes protective covers, goggles, face masks, body clothing, outer shoes and protective gloves.
  • Patients should not wear street clothes during the procedure. It is best if they wear disposable garments provided by the office, which are then thrown away. The patient’s hair should also be washed before the procedure.
  • The patient then has to wear a thin bandage to aid healing and to keep the operated area clean and protected.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for doctors to ignore these safety measures. Ask your doctor what actions have been taken. The patient should not hesitate to ask questions. These steps are essential to ensure that germs do not enter the room and protect the patient during and after the procedure. 


Your doctor can provide you with several other precautions to be taken before Hair Transplant surgery that may be specific to a particular patient or clinic. However, if you have particular health problems, your doctor may also ask you to avoid several other tasks and may ask you to take a pill. 

 The Cyber Hairsure Clinic team understands the importance of the well-being of their patients. We provide an experienced surgeon with many years of training. They perform one procedure every day and provide maximum care and attention to all their patients. For a consultation, call us at 040 49540202 / 8331020202 or visit us at https://besthairtransplanthyd.com/.

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