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Myths and Facts about Men Hair Loss at Best Hair Transplant, One of the best Hair Restoration Surgery Clinics in Hyderabad

We all know that hair loss is really tricky to handle. One of the reason might be a lot of misinformation about hair fall. Many myths associated with hair loss are flying around us, and we will get confused on whether to believe them or not. Along with the myths, facts also exist. Our experts at Best Hair Transplant Clinic are ready to bust some myths for you to clear the confusion. Here are the top most common hair loss myths.

Myth: Cutting hair promotes faster hair growth.

Fact: Hair follicles are non-viable tissues, and we can not make it grow faster by cutting it. We can’t make hair stronger nor weaker by cutting because it doesn’t have any impact on hair growth. Haircutting might remove the split ends and appear thicker.

Myth: Hair thinning happens with age

Fact: Increasing age is not solely responsible for hair thinning because hair thinning can happen even in the early twenties. Hair thinning or hair loss depends on various factors which include lifestyle, extreme stress, underlying medical conditions like hypothyroidism, diabetes, PCOS (in females), etc. Consult a hair specialist who can diagnose the reason for hair fall and provide you with proper treatment.

Myth: Hair Loss is permanent

Fact: Hairloss is of various types, and this is not true in all the conditions and for all the individuals suffering from hair loss. Telogen effluvium is a hair loss condition that is reversible that mostly happens after childbirth, crash dieting or some other illness etc. Male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness medically called Androgenetic Alopecia is permanent baldness, but early treatment can delay the progress of baldness.

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In the same way, people suffering from patchy hair loss, also called alopecia areata, is reversible with proper treatment. But in case of scarring type that appears to look like burnt skin, it becomes difficult to regrow. However, there are a lot of techniques for hair regeneration, consulting the best hair specialist can help you.

Myth: Men suffer more from hair loss than women

Fact: This is not a fact. Hair loss affects both men and women. It is more visible in men because they can’t hide the bald patch moreover women are more conscientious about hiding the hair loss.

Myth: Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition inherited from father

Fact: Its true male pattern baldness is hereditary, but it might be inherited either from the father’s side or mother’s side. Experts say that a lot of genes are involved in causing male pattern baldness. However, it is essential to know that the condition depends on the dominant side of inheritance patterns in families. The more men who are bald in your family, the more likely you will suffer from hair loss, sooner or later.

Myth: Plucking one grey hair, will result in multiple grey hairs sprouting from the scalp.

Fact: Hair colour varies based on melanin production in the body. When the cells stop the production of this pigment, your hair turns to white or grey. If you pick one grey hair, it does not multiply into more grey hair. It’s nothing but a Myth.

Myth: Washing and shampooing your hair too much causes more hair fall and hair thinning.

Fact: If you are following suggestions given by your Dermatologist like using mild shampoos as recommended, and adopting a smooth method for hair wash, then you no need to worry about your hair loss, it will be under control.

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Myth: Hair dye results in thinning of your hair and fall out eventually.

Fact: The fact is anything we use in moderation does not affect your hair growth. If you use harsh chemical-based dyes on a regular basis in large quantities, then it affects your hair nourishment. It is recommended to use any cosmetic product after consulting a dermatologist.

Myth: Wearing a hat or helmet will cause baldness.

Truth: Hair follicles get the required amount of oxygen from the blood. Wearing a helmet or hat can cause baldness only when they exert excessive tension or friction on your head. There is no concrete proof that wearing a hat or helmet can cause baldness.

Myth: Over the counter (OTC) medication can help in hair regrowth.

Fact: OTC medicines don’t even show any impact on hair follicles. In the case of a PRP procedure, supplements are prescribed to enhance the hair regrowth process. However, any medicine associated with hair loss or hair growth should be consumed only after consulting your Dermatologist.

Myth: Masturbation makes your hair fall easily

Fact: Masturbation causing hair fall has become one of the most discussed topics these days. But masturbation does not result in hair loss. There is no absolute scientific evidence that masturbation can cause hair loss.

Myth: Vitamins and mineral pills boost hair growth.

Fact: Hair follicles are dead tissues, rubbing vitamin powder on your scalp and consumption of vitamins or minerals does not show any effect on hair growth or hair fall.

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Myth: Hair products can cause hair loss

Fact: This is partially true because most of the hair products contain some chemicals that shed your hair. However, quality hair products that are clinically tested and approved for human use don’t result in hair loss. It is better to use hair products under the guidance of a hair care specialist. If you use untested and low-quality hair gels, styling creams, and other hair growth medicines, your hair may not withstand longer.

Myth: Elevated testosterone levels can cause male pattern hair loss

Fact: Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) or elevated testosterone levels are thought to shrink the hair follicles contributing to male pattern hair loss. So DHT is blamed for causing hair loss. If this is true, the whole body hair should shed off not just the hair on your head. It is just the sensitivity of the hair follicles, causing hair loss, not the testosterone levels.

There is no single reason for hair loss; many factors from lifestyle to underlying health conditions can contribute to hair loss. If you encounter hair loss at any stage in your life, consult a Trichologist and take proper advice. The modern-day technology has solutions to most hair loss types. Hair transplantation also providing promising results in acquiring the desired hairstyle.

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