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This blog will help you with insights on the benefits of growing a beard and cost of beard transplantation. Research has shown that the ability to develop a thick and full beard in many societies is a sign of masculinity and a sign of a virile, mature and physically strong man.

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But not everyone is blessed with beautiful natural hair on the face.

Probably not!

What do you say?

No one wants fine and thin beard hair, so we understand why you are a little jealous when you meet a man with an extraordinarily dense and generous mane. Do not worry! Beard transplantation is the solution to your problem. Thankfully, advanced technology has made a beard transplant much faster and simpler, and easier for those who want to grow full and thick beard.

One of the hottest questions men have is about the beard, goatee or a sideburn hair recovery. Very well then. What are the factors that affect the cost of beard transplants?

We understand that cost is a significant concern for many patients when planning a beard transplant. Various factors influence the price of this surgery. The article is provided by Best Hair Transplant Hyderabad, which deals with beard transplantation, factors that affect the cost of beard transplantation. If you have any doubts regarding beard transplant, general questions, other things you want to know, and If you are considering beard transplantation, schedule an appointment with our transplant surgeon, then meet our transplant surgeons at Best Hair Transplant Hyderabad.

Facial hair transplantation is very common in men today. This beard surgery not only gives a good look and makes men look more beautiful, but also gives them a self esteem. Men get more praise and attention from the opposite sex, which is valued by every man in each age group.

The cost of beard transplants is also in the budget of an average earning person. In fact, the happiness and pleasure they get after the surgery is nothing compared to the price they pay for the change. Beard hair transplant clinics are many, and one can easily find the best cosmetic surgeon for this type of surgery. However, it is essential to review the reputation of surgeons because this is not a very simple and small operation for any person.

What is Beard Transplantation

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Beard transplant is a facial hair transplant. This is a surgical procedure performed under local anaesthesia. It can be divided into two categories –

How Does a Beard Transplant Work?

FUT and FUE Beard Transplantation by Dr Sridhar Reddy, One of the best Hair Restoration treatment Doctors in Hyderabad

The principle is the same as hair transplantation on the scalp. There are usually two types of beard transplants:

A follicular unit Extraction (FUE) works by extracting donor follicles directly from the head, using a small semicircular incision that allows each follicle to be pulled directly from the head. This is then grafted directly into the beard area.

A follicular unit transplant (FUT) – this procedure uses a technique that involves cutting edge technology, which involves harvesting hair follicles and then working microscopically to make hundreds of small natural grafts ready for implantation, which are either individual hairs or multiple hair grafts.

In both FUE and FUT, the donor sign is kept to a minimum so that the hair can grow through scar tissue and no hair loss occurs in the area. The number of grafts can range from a few hundred to several thousand to get a natural look; hair is grafted as an individual graft (and sometimes two-hair). Great attention is taken to get natural growth and appearance, including placing the graft carefully at right angles and in the direction of expected growth. Once placed, the microscopic beard transplant graft is permanent.

How Much Does Beard Transplant Cost?
You should not think that this procedure will cost a lot just because your friend has paid a lot for a hair transplant. The cost of facial transplants is different for each person because this will depend on several factors, including the number of hair transplants needed, the technique used, the area to be treated, and the experience and reputation of the surgeon who performs the procedure. Visit Best Hair Transplant Hyderabad for beard transplant charges affordable with even better quality by providing all the factors given below.

The cost of a hair transplant is one of the many factors that can determine whether someone takes a drastic step in surgery or choose another option instead. Cost is the most important aspect of planning a beard transplant for anyone who suffers from hair loss. Several factors affect the overall price you have to pay. The following are some of the factors that determine the cost of a beard transplant:

The Important 9 Factors Affecting the Hair Transplant Cost:

The Number of Grafts Requirement

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Generally, the beard transplantation Clinic charges cost per graft. Higher baldness increases the number of grafts that need to fulfil the goal of a transplantation procedure. It depends upon patient care and desired aesthetics. These play a role in determining the number of grafts needed, and the density you want to cover baldness which will affect the number of total grafting requirements for transplant.

The cost per graft shared with the patient will determine the total cost which is obtained by multiplying the number of grafts needed. Of course, if you need a number of grafts, then you have to pay more compared with the less number of grafts. The more transplants you need, the more you have to pay for your surgery.

The method used For Beard Transplantation:

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As in the case of conventional hair transplants on the scalp, the cost of transplanting facial hair depends on the surgical technique used. Two common methods of hair transplantation are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). The FUE method allows the use of advanced technology for individual graft extraction, i.e., one at a time; while FUT is a compatible method to get an increased number of grafting in a shorter time by removing strips of hair from the back of the head.

FUT is relatively inexpensive because it is a traditional method that leaves a linear mark on the donor site. FUE is expensive because it causes minimal scarring without any stitches. So, FUE is costly compared with the FUT method. This is because FUE requires more time and effort than surgeons do with FUT.

Surgeon Qualification:

Highly qualified and certified cosmetic surgeons have high price levels than the average skilled surgeons. You may have noticed that you have to pay more than regular fees when visiting a qualified or certified doctor. The same applies to beard transplants.

The Experience of the Doctor

Experienced beard hair transplant surgeons certainly have high-level skills and expertise in performing surgery. You may have noticed that famous plastic surgeons usually have high prices and high consulting fees. They charge additional fees for their skills and experience to achieve guaranteed results with high success rates when compared with the doctors who are less accessible or less experienced in their respective fields.

Good surgeons who use the latest techniques in well-equipped beard transplantation facilities often charge high. However, the results that experienced surgeons achieve cannot be compared to the results of surgery performed by ordinary surgeons.

At this point, it must be mentioned that the beard transplant surgeon at Best Hair Transplant Hyderabad treats each patient individually and can only determine the right cost after a thorough examination of the problem area. A doctor may also recommend several medications, along with a surgical beard transplant. The patient will have to use medications as prescribed to get the best results.

The Location of the Clinic

You may be aware that the cost of living is different in different parts of the world. Likewise, the location of clinics is another factor that affects the cost of hair transplantation. Examples of prices for beard transplants in Hyderabad differ from prices in Delhi. Regardless of location, there are other aspects related to the clinic, such as Standard services, atmosphere, interiors, beard transplant team and others, tools and technology used, and many others.

You can visit Best Hair Transplant Hyderabad to find the cost of a beard transplant in Hyderabad. This is the best Clinic to help you find the experienced surgeons who use latest technology. We also provide the results of their past achievements in beard transplant. You can also ask your question here, and we happily provide the details.

Clinic Reputation:

Apart from location, the clinic’s reputation is essential. Reputed and famous clinics charge high. The best beard transplant clinics in India can ask for a little more because they offer their patients a high level of service with the best results.

Number of Sessions Needed

Usually, most of the beard transplants are done in one session, i.e. around 5-8 hours. There are also cases where patients require several transplants. The average number of transplants per session is around 3000-4000 grafts. If this number reaches 5,000 or more, then patients must come to the clinic for the next session and the following day.

Fees for Anaesthesiologist for Anaesthesia:

As per the case, Anaesthesiologist gets paid similar to or higher than surgeons. This type of anaesthesia also affects the overall costs of the beard transplant. This will be determined by the type of surgery you will have. Generally, beard transplantation is done under local anaesthesia so that the patient can return home immediately after the surgery. Even though it has fewer side effects, local anaesthesia is also relatively cheaper than general anaesthesia.


Some hair transplant clinics provide a free consultation to patients, while other clinics charge consultation fees. During the consultation session, you will be explained about the various aspects of beard transplantation. You can also negotiate the cost with your doctor/surgeon in consultation time. To get an accurate cost of beard transplantation, consult a surgeon at Best Hair Transplant Hyderabad who can estimate the exact price by considering all the factors.

Beware of Cheap Beard Hair transplants:

Although the cost of facial hair transplants is already lower, some low qualified surgeons offer low prices at the cost of quality and your health. Never be tempted by low rates because treating health complications caused by low-quality transplants is more expensive than paying for highly qualified transplants. The same is true for bad results. Repairing a bad hair transplant is more expensive than a high-quality transplant.


Beard transplantation is a trendy procedure, and once the hair grows, the results are natural and permanent. Various types of beards are becoming increasingly desirable, but nearly half of all men have beard growth problems: Beard grafts provide a permanent solution and an easy way for men to realise their dream of beards.

To minimize the cost of beard hair transplant follow all the above factors and take your decisions. However, At Best Hair Transplant, Hyderabad, we consider all the above factors and provide you surgery at an affordable cost. However, this, in turn, depends on the size of the area to be treated and the number of grafts needed. To learn more about maintenance costs, book an online consultation and ask our experts. They will provide the accurate cost by a thorough examination of the problem area.

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I hope we have answered all your questions. If you have any additional questions on beard transplantation, meet our cosmetic surgeons.

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