Does washing your hair every day cause hair loss?

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Probably you might have heard from your friend or read somewhere on the internet that washing your hair every day makes your hair fall. Many myths are circulating about how frequently we should wash our hair.

Washing your hair frequently can cause hair loss – is it a myth or fact? What if you have oily hair which needs to be washed more frequently. We use shampoo to wash our hair, so let’s get answers to these questions, starting with how shampoo works in the first place. 

Just as we all have different skin types, our skin requirements are also different. Similarly, we have different hair types, and our hair needs are also different. Shampooing is often a personal preference because it depends on the hair type and scalp type and how often people choose to shampoo. However, excessive washing of hair can cause some people’s hair to be dry and damaged, whereas, in other people, irregular washing usually causes hair to be greasy and lifeless.

Your scalp secretes an oil called sebum to keep the scalp moisturized and gives the hair a healthy texture. But excessive production of sebum on the scalp opens a way for yeast to breed and causes dandruff.

Similarly, hair care products such as hairspray, gels, conditioners, and dry shampoo regularly can cause clogging of the scalp. Oily layers, dirt, and dead skin cells that buildup can close the pores, causing scalp infection and damage to hair follicles. Washing your hair can clean the scalp by removing this debris.

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How does shampoo Work?

The shampoo contains surfactants, chemicals that can clean your hair by eliminating dirt from your scalp and hair. Some shampoos have compounds that produce thick foam to cleanse the scalp thoroughly and remove excess oil.

However, shampoos with sulfates might not be good for hair health over time because they can cause dryness and damage. So, use a conditioner accordingly because it retains your hair’s moisture and adds extra shine and smoothness to the hair.

Among many myths surrounding regular hair washing with shampoo is that over-shampooing can cause hair loss. This is not due to washing your hair, but the type of chemical content in the shampoo you use. It will make your hair dry and fragile, leading to hair loss over time. However, many hair experts say that regular hair wash with a good shampoo, depending on your hair type, actually improves your hair health.

The Post-wash regimen of your hair also plays an important role in maintaining the health of your hair. Drying your hair aggressively with a towel immediately after washing can cause more hair loss. Using styling equipment like hairdryers and straighteners frequently can cause thermal damage to the hair and makes it vulnerable to hair breakage and hair loss. Combining wet hair also makes your hair weak and delicate.

If you keep on losing your hair, it becomes a chronic condition over time and may lead to male or female pattern baldness. It is recommended to consult a hair specialist for early diagnosis and suitable treatment to prevent irreversible hair loss. Also, ask the doctor for the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

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How Often Washing My Hair Is Ideal?

Everyone wants to keep their hair strong and clean. In general, thick hair can be washed less often. Most women prefer washing their hair at least 2-3 times a week. In summer, as humidity is high, you can wash your hair even more frequently.

Try protective hairstyles like french braids if you want to stay longer without washing. It is a good idea to use a protective hairstyle twice a month as a way to reduce the stress of straightening your hair or pulling it for a tight ponytail.

However, don’t wait so long without washing because dirt builds up on the scalp, causing irritation and a bad odour. Remember not to stay more than two weeks without a shampoo.

So, washing your hair every day doesn’t make it fall directly. But be cautious on all the extra activities that go along with your hair wash that might make it weak to fall out. The best way to protect your hair is to monitor your hair health and wash it only when required. For more detailed information about hair loss treatment, consult our expert hair care doctors in Hyderabad at BHT Clinic. Call 040-49540202 / +91 83 31 02 02 02 to book your appointment right away.

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