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Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenage Females

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What if you were a teenage female who lost precious hair at the peak of your life? Hair loss in teenage girls can cause emotional trauma at critical points in their lives.
We often consider hair loss in young children or adults, especially those who have female baldness. In this case, hair loss can cause a decrease in self-esteem, self-confidence and social life.

If you are a teenager (or parent) who reads this and sees signs of hair loss, you are not alone. There are more and more girls between the ages of 13 and 19 who have the same concerns and, after consultation they have a variety of treatments available. However, this hair loss can occur for several reasons, and you can often successfully treat it and prevent it.

This article provided by the Best Hair Transplant Clinic gives some of the most common:

Causes of hair loss in teenage Females:

There are many possible reasons, but here are a few examples:

Alopecia Areata:

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Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes a type of hair loss that often occurs in round areas (but not always). Alopecia areata can be a single patch, or it can be in various regions of the scalp. Patches of hair loss can appear on the scalp, sides of the head and hands simultaneously.

Female Pattern hair loss:

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This condition is represented as a change in the density of the upper hair region compared to the sides and back. It can feel much smoother and looks quite transparent.

Affected follicles gradually produce shorter and finer hair with each growth cycle until growth stops. Hair loss is often first seen as a receding temple, and progressively the scalp at the tip and crown area is emphasized more.

Trichotillomania – Inadvertently pulling hair:

Accidentally pulling hair often becomes a habit that develops in childhood, where twiddling turns into something more dangerous for hair. This condition is called trichotillomania. Mental disorders, trichotillomania, occur when a person pulls their hair until it is uprooted, often leaving a large portion of thin hair, damaged follicles, or total baldness.

Some types of Hair Care:

The way some teens treat their hair can cause hair loss. For example, many use various products such as hair dyes and bleach, and hair chemicals to make it straight or curly. Also, teenage girls often use heat or curlers for their hair every day. This activity can cause hair to become brittle and fall out after some days.

Another condition called alopecia traction is more permanent. It occurs when hair is always pulled back, tightly braided (like ponytails) or rolled tightly, which leads to strong tension on the scalp. After a while, the hair follicles become damaged and cause hair fall.


When young girls become teenagers, they experience many physical changes, including changes in their hormones. Then these hormones fluctuate in their emotions, eating habits and hair growth.

Because the leading cause of hair loss is specific hormones that are present in men and women, the hormone responsible for hair loss in everyone is dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone usually manifests in men; However, women and girls also have low testosterone levels.

Unfortunately, testosterone is converted to DHT with the help of enzymes located in the hair oil glands. Then DHT shrinks the hair follicles, causing hair loss. Teenage girls can experience this hair loss until the hormones in their bodies are balanced.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS):

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This condition affects girls during menstruation and can cause hair loss in teenage girls and older women. Hormonal disorders play a significant role in hair growth, and various genetic predispositions are influenced explicitly by increased levels of testosterone.

Certain Medicines:

Some drugs can cause hair loss in teenage females, especially medicines that change hormones. In particular, some teenage girls can take birth control pills to relieve PCOS or control acne. However, the tablet is also known for thinning hair.

Some medications can cause hair loss, e.g. certain medicines used to treat high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. Other drugs can also cause hair loss, including anticoagulants, beta-blockers, and even high doses of vitamin A.

Health Illness:

Some diseases cause hair loss. It includes diabetes, including gestational diabetes, and ringworms, a fungal infection that can appear anywhere on the skin.

Sometimes excessive hair loss can indicate more in-depth health. For example, people may experience hair loss if they have a scalp infection, unregulated diabetes, overactive or inactive thyroid, skin conditions.

In most cases, symptoms such as flaky or painful skin, hair loss in significant places, and fatigue occur with underlying diseases. Parents should consider other changes related to hair loss in teenage girls and talk to doctors about concerns.


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When teens recover from post-traumatic stress due to an event that tends to cause hair loss. It is recommended not to rule out other causes when dealing with hair loss related to stress. Reduce stress with some activities like yoga, meditation.

Poor nutrition:

Most people don’t think about the role of nutrition in healthy and flexible hair and skin, but it plays an important role. Teens may lack essential vitamins and nutrients. Then their bodies try to get some of the healthy nutrients they have for their life support functions by reducing the number of nutrients in the hair.

Over-Styling of Hair:

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To keep up with current trends and styles, teenage girls often use thermal products and tight hairstyles. If they use a straightener, curlers every day, they will eventually overcome dry and brittle hair.


Hair loss is not a medical emergency; hair loss is a common problem for people of all ages, even in their teens. With a fast pace of life, pollution and UV rays from the sun are inevitable. We tend to underestimate our hair care. Checking your diet, fitness, hygiene, and health can help you treat and prevent hair loss.

In most cases of hair loss, these steps can fix the problem. However, if hair loss continues after several months, parents and teenagers must work closely with doctors to find the root cause. Remember to see a doctor when you see warning signs and to avoid permanent damage to your hair.

Contact a doctor who specializes in hair loss treatment. A doctor can determine the type and which treatment approach is right for you.

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