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Beard Hair Transplant – An Overview

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What do you think attributes to the masculinity of a man? A baritone voice, yes. But there’s a facial feature that assumes a lot of importance not just physically, for also on a deeper level.

Wondering what it is?

The Beard.

Beard Hair Transplant SurgeryNowadays, the popularity and importance a man gives to his beard has increased ten fold than what it was a few years back. Most of the credit to this increase in popularity of the beard has come due to celebrities and paparazzi.

There are different types of beard styles which people have come up with. They are:

  • Mutton Chop
  • Circle Beard
  • Full Beard
  • Van Dyke
  • Scruff
  • Pornstache
  • Handlebar

Imagine, what if, due to some reason, the hair on the face does not grow completely or even partially or is falling off?

It can be a major reason to panic and get worried. It can even result in low self motivation or self esteem even as beard makes the men look manly enough and to some extent, it provides a pass to a socially accepted society.

Like everything else, there is a solution this as well, Beard Hair Transplant.

What is Beard hair transplant and When is it needed?

A beard hair transplant is almost like a hair transplant but with a few tweaks here and there. When it comes to the beard hair transplant procedure, the hair which needs to be transplanted to the beard is taken from areas in the body which are less visible such as the nape of the neck and sometimes the scalp.

Beard Hair TransplantThe surgeon creates an open follicle by removing the layers of underlying skin and then the hair is transplanted into the open follicle. This is what beard hair transplant, the procedure is.

Some of the reasons are why people opt for a Beard Hair Transplant Surgery are:
Restoration: One of the main reasons why people wanted a facial beard hair transplant surgery was due to their scars. Scars from accidents or other injuries from which hair cannot grow. Even though until the recent past, the procedure of beard hair transplant or FUE beard transplant were not much, it has gained popularity and success of various cosmetic surgeries.

Fullness: Another reason people resort to FUE beard transplant is to gain the thickness of the beard. For quite a few people, their beard hair grows in patches and doesn’t aesthetically always look proper. Getting a beard hair transplant solves that issue.

Acceptance: We are often so affected by the perception of the people around us that we resort to going through various procedures to fit in. Since beards make men look more manly or macho and to some extent, aesthetic which is appreciated by the social circle, most men with money do get a beard hair transplant surgery done.

The Results of a Beard Hair Transplant

Like every other procedure with cosmetic routes, results are not always instant. Specially when it comes to growth of hair, anywhere in the body, the results of a Beard Hair Transplant Surgery takes at least six to eight weeks for complete results.

In the meantime, just like any other surgery, there are a few side effects which are faced by people who undergo FUE beard surgery as well. Swelling and itching in the area where the transplanted hair is attached, are common side effects of FUE Beard Transplant. Along with that there is also risk of infection.

It is important to consult and get the FUE beard surgery done by a reputed surgeon. If a beard hair transplant is not done properly the first time, there are correction surgeries which are even more complicated give no guarantee of success. So Book an Appointment or visit us at Cyber Hairsure so that our doctors can achieve the desired results of the patients without any complications.


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